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Enhancing Your Home with Keim Lumber TV Series

Discover ways of Enhancing Your Home with Keim Lumber.  Join us in learning do-it-yourself projects including the replacement  of exterior doors and windows, ceramic tile installation, garage organization, fireplace installation, and much more!  Watch Mark Longsinger and Ryan Tetreault as they lead us through the steps necessary to complete each project and inform us on how we can easily and affordably enhance our homes. 

View the episodes below or click on the "How-To TV Series" links on the left side tab of this website.Ryan & Mark


  Deck Railings

  Building a Deck

  Ceiling Fan and GFI Outlet Installation

  Bath Vanity Installation

  Floor Tile

  The Plumbing Show

  Interior Trim

  Flooring Installation

  Installing Insulation

  Window Replacement

  Exterior Door Replacement