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Guardian Fiberglass Insulation

Keim Lumber wants to give you the best products available.  For this reason, Guardian fiberglass insulaiton is available for purchase at our store or over the phone.  One of Guardian©s objectives is to minimize the generation of wastes and maximize use of safe and sustainable sources of raw materials and energy. This objective is met in the fiberglass manufacturing process.

Fiberglass insulation contains:
· Mineral substances processed from molten state to an incombustible fibrous form.
· 30% post-consumer recycled glass and 5% post-industrial recycled glass.
· Silica sand, a virtually inexhaustible resource (NAIMA Pub. No. N044 11/06).

According to NAIMA, these resources produce a product that saves 12 times the energy used to produce it in the first year of installation.