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Customer Appreciation Days: A Time To Relax And Have Fun


When you visit Keim, we hope that you feel welcome, relaxed, and at home. 

For years, we have hosted thousands of people at Keim during our annual spring event.  This year, I would like to invite you to be part of the fun on April 5-10 for our Customer Appreciation Days.  We would love to have the opportunity to show our gratitude to you for supporting us throughout the year.  There will be coffee to keep you bright-eyed, free donuts and free ice cream to satisfy your sweet tooth, and a tool demonstration on Thursday to pique your curiosity and ambition for learning about the latest tools for your home projects. 

The spring event is a family business tradition that began just a year before my husband, Robbie, was born. It is an expression of the fun-loving nature and love of people that is part of who he is and what he learned from his parents. This same fun-loving nature along with his values and deep commitment are what attracted me to Robbie and eventually led to our wedding day, another fun event which will forever be in my heart and mind.  Hosting family and friends was so much fun that by the end of our wedding day my face hurt from all the smiling and laughing.  Perhaps it was the donut presented to Robbie by the groomsmen during the ceremony, not for his sweet tooth, rather it was instead of the rings.  Or the pink silly string that showered us as we left the church. Or the bubbles, candid pictures, and interrogation of me at our reception.  The experience was far from formal, but it was us.  At the end of the day, we went away happy, married, and with a treasure trove of memories that still make us smile.  A wonderful beginning to “for better or worse” and “’til death do us part”. 

The memories and fun have continued with our kids, both in our home and with the family business events. We all get excited to invite people for simple gatherings and big ones or to go to Charm for events.  Being with family and friends from our community, from out of the state, and even from out of the country is something special. There’s just something about sharing yummy food, good conversation, and fun activities with others.  A favorite experience we had a few years ago was with a couple from Ireland who we found sitting on a bench in Charm one Sunday when town was quiet, and nothing was open. We invited them to our home for lunch and had a wonderful time learning about their family and life in Ireland.  Those quiet Sundays in Charm are quite a contrast to the festive feeling of when events are happening.  A special memory of our Keim spring event, especially now that Robbie’s dad is no longer with us, is of watching our kids with their grandpa helping to draw tickets for the prize winners.  I remember many smiles on their faces as they were able to be involved with some of those moments.   

Our family and our home, they are not perfect. None are, but we hope those who we have been blessed to be with in our home or at Keim have found a welcoming place to relax, be themselves, and have genuine fun …and that they have not been scarred too much by our humor and Robbie’s dad jokes.

From my home to yours,


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