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Design Your Deck With Nature's Elements in Mind


As the weather in Ohio warms up, the sun rises earlier and spring’s first flowers stretch toward the sky. It’s the time of year again to move your outdoor furniture onto the deck to have a living room where you can enjoy the daylight, feel the breeze, or listen to the birds. I look forward to enjoying my morning coffee or my evening tea while breathing in the fresh air and taking in the sights and sounds of nature.

Outdoor living is both an opportunity and a challenge. If you are planning your own deck, it’s important to consider nature’s elements. Here are some things you will want to keep in mind …
•    Natural Light— What time of day do you plan to use the deck? How will the sun shine at that time of day? Will you use the space when it is dark outside? 
•    Precipitation—Do you like to have a front row seat to watch the rainstorm, like my husband? Do you need to minimize the possibility of slippery surfaces? How will your deck be protected from the rain and snow? 
•    Wind—Do you need to think about ways to keep the things on your deck from being blown around or ways to invite a breeze into the space? 
•    Temperature—Will you need to ease the heat with shade or fans or the cold with a fireplace or heating element of some sort? Perhaps you need a place to sit and soak in the warmth and vitamin D from the sun.
•    Animals—What animals or insects do you want to attract? Perhaps birds and butterflies? Which ones do you want to keep away or protect yourself from? 
•    Plants—Do you want to grow plants on your deck? Are there trees or other plants nearby that may cause debris (leaves, dust, etc.) to get onto the deck?

Thinking through to these types of questions will help you make decisions about your deck design and product selections so that your deck is an enjoyable retreat for years to come.

Starting Your Project

If you are considering a deck project, or are ready to start, visit Keim Home Center where you can explore decking displays. Our knowledgeable and caring salespeople at our building materials desk can help you with deck design and layout, assist you with color and product selection, and provide you with samples, 3D renderings, price estimates, and ordering. 

Come Prepared

When you’re ready to begin your deck project, it’s helpful items to come prepared with: 
1.    Answers to the questions above
2.    Deck measurements, a sketch, or blueprints
3.    Photo inspiration 
4.    Siding samples or exterior pictures of your home to use to coordinate colors

Pro Tip: Deck samples look different in the store than they will look in the natural sunlight. Take several samples with you to look at the location where the deck will be and next to the exterior of your home. This will help you make a confident decision.

If you need a contractor, we can also make a recommendation. You can be sure that your project will be done right, because at Keim, we only recommend contractors that we trust. 

If you’re starting your deck project this spring, visit Keim from May 16-21, you can enjoy 10% off Trex decking and railing, and 12% off select departments during our Customer Appreciation Days. There will also be free breakfast, demonstrations, and more than $10,000 of prizes given away. 

Whether you chose Keim for a past project, a current project, or are planning for the future, we’re honored to help make your house a home. This spring we’d especially love to help you achieve your outdoor dreams and goals, so you too can enjoy the sights and sound of nature from your deck with the people you love.

From my home to yours,

Karen Keim