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Building Project Guide

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Getting Started

Are you thinking about building a house? You’ve come to the right place! We have everything you need to build a house and make it a home.

At Keim, we’ll walk you through the whole process: from helping to design your blueprints, choose a contractor, pick your custom touches, and everything in between.

But the real value is the people. When you work with us at Keim, you’re working with people who have an understanding of construction science and the experience of building with their own hands.


What do I need to have to get started on my building projects? 
Purchase your land, secure your bank loan, and have an idea of your budget. Then, visit us on the second floor, in the Contractor Sales department. We’ll help you from there, and that includes helping you stay within your budget. 

Does Keim make blueprints? 
Yes! Our drafting team will sit down with you and make a blueprint for your next home. We hold ourselves to a high standard of accuracy. Our blueprints have the structural and material details so that you (and the builders) have a better job site experience, with fewer items returned. 

If I have an idea of a house plan, can you make it happen? 
Yes, we’re happy to work with the existing plans that you have. If you have an idea, even a photo or sketch, bring it to us, and we can help make that happen. 

Do I need to have a contractor lined up before I talk with someone at Keim? 
We work with some families who already have a contractor. We also have a large network of builders, who we are happy to connect you with. 

What is the home building process like? 
We want your home building experience to be as simple as possible. Once we make a material list, we’ll walk with you through our showrooms. There are many decisions to make, but at least you won’t need to decide where to buy it all.  Because at Keim, we have it all under one roof. 

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