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Business for Community


As you drive through Ohio’s Amish Country in the summer and fall, you see an abundant harvest: the result of many seeds. In German, Keim means seed.

At Keim, we seek to plant seeds for a better community.

We do this through the 
Business for Community model.

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It means that we value three things:

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1. Community:

Our connection to our owners, co-workers, customers, business partners, and local residents. 

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2. Local Economy:

The financial and educational well-being of hundreds of local businesses and families they support.

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3. Creation Care:

The cultivation, conservation, and protection of our natural, God-given resources.

What does it take?

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It's what holds us together. 

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Our mutual connection.

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Common Good

A holistic approach to living in community. 

Keim University

Through Keim University, we provide continuous learning opportunities for our community.

Keim Cares
Charm Care & Share Fund

Keim employees self-fund a non-profit to identify needs and distribute funds among employees and community members. 

Local Express Delivery

Our Local Express Delivery allows our community to shop conveniently from their homes. Customers can view the catalog, place a phone order, and receive products on the next business day.

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 Charm Merchant Delivery

We don’t just deliver our own products. We deliver products of our fellow Charm Merchants. We know that when our community chooses to shop local, everyone benefits.  

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