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Paint Project Guide

Paint swatches

Getting Started

Looking for a quick face-lift for your home? Keim’s Paint department is the place to start. Our wide selection includes quality, durable, paints that are sure to transform your space: both inside and out.  



How do I calculate how much paint I need for my project?
First, calculate the actual square feet of space that will be coated. Then just divide the number of square feet to be covered by the number of square feet that your product will cover. For example, if the product covers 400 square feet and you are covering an 800 square foot area, it would take two gallons to do one coat. 

How do I choose which paint sheen to use? 
There’s no right or wrong answer here, but we like to say, "the higher the sheen, the easier to clean!" If you’re curious as to the options, here’s a quick guide to knowing which paint sheen to use.  

How can I tell the quality of the paint?  
Paint is a mixture of pigments, resins, and solvents. High-quality paint has more pigments and resins, while low-quality paint has a higher ratio of solvents. High- and low-quality paint can have the same consistency, but when the solvents evaporate, you’re left with more pigments and resins. That means you’re left with a thicker, more durable coating. You can confident that at Keim, we stand behind every paint we offer.

How can I match the exact color in my house?  
Bring in a pillow, fabric, or color chip. We’ll find the perfect match with our paint match machine.   

When using a paint that is paint and primer in one. Should I use a primer? 
If you are going on new wood or new drywall, we recommend doing one coat of primer followed by two topcoats. If you are painting over existing latex paint that is still in good condition no primer is needed as long as your surface is Clean, Dull, and Dry. 

Can I apply latex paint over a surface finished with an oil-based product? 
Yes and no. If you prime the surface first, you can then paint a latex/water-based paint over top of it. 
Can I repaint my old varnished cabinets?
Yes, we recommend lightly sanding the varnish to de-gloss it. Prime it with Stix or Coverstain Primer. Then Topcoat it with Pratt & Lambert’s Aquanamel Paint. (Available in any color.) 

Does the quality of the paintbrush matter? 
Good quality brushes are better constructed, hold and release paint better and minimize brush marks.   

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