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Camera Lens

Photography Tips For Your Project

At Keim, we love to inspire others with home and woodworking projects from our customers. We’re more likely to share the images of your projects if you follow the tips below:

Focus on the project itself. 
•Remove any clutter in the background of the picture. 
•Using the portrait mode so that the background is blurred and the focus is on your project. 
•Use neutral/natural colors in the background. 
•Any text on the photo should be limited to a logo of a local woodworker or designer. 

Add interest without taking the focus from the project. 
•Take photos of the project from a variety of angles. 
•Take both horizontal and vertical photos. 

Pay attention to lighting. 
•You don’t necessarily need expensive lighting equipment, but you should make sure that your project can be seen easily.  
•Try not to shoot toward the light. 
•Make sure that the photo is free from your own shadow and from glares from the lighting. 

Send photos to [email protected], with expressed, written consent for Keim to use the photos of your work, and we might use your photos to inspire others!