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Building Materials

Keim Forklift Lumber

Your one-stop-shop for lumber and building materials

Our unmatched selection and convenient services make Keim an easy choice for your next building project. From framing lumber to treated lumber, and molding to doors, you can find it at Keim. We offer both retail and wholesale lumber and building supplies in stock, special order, or custom-made in our mill. 

Using the Keim Visualizer, you can view your home, select from a variety of brands of windows, doors, trim, roofing, and siding, and see how it looks, before construction begins. 

Ceiling Tile Hardware
Ceiling Tiles
Lighting Panels

Column & Post Parts

Concrete & Masonry Repair
Concrete Accessories
Concrete Alternatives & Sand
Concrete Forms & Molds
Concrete Mixes
Concrete Mixing Containers
Concrete Supplements
And More

Deck Accessories
Deck Ceiling Material
Deck Flooring
Deck Trim

Jack Posts & Supports

Downspout Accessories
Gutter Brackets, Hangers & Fasteners
Gutter Cleaners
Gutter Connectors, End & Corner Pieces
Gutter Guards & Accessories
Vinyl Gutter Adhesives and Lubricant

House & Window Wrap
Insulation Accessories

Plastic Sheeting & Tape
Vinyl Sheeting

Driveway Coatings & Patches
Roof & Foundation Coatings
Roofing/Flashing Adhesives, Sealants & Patches

Corrugated Panels
Ridge Caps
Roof Decor
Roof Heating Cable
Roof Underlayments
Roofing Membrane & Accessories
And More

Channels & Trim
Mounting Blocks & Utlity Vents
Siding Inside & Outside Corners
And More

Attic Stairs & Accessories
Cable Railing
Columns & Posts
Deck Stair Parts & Accessories
Railings, Balusters & Handrails
Stairway & Railing Fittings

Cement Board & Tape
Tile Care & Grout
Tile Setting Materials

Foundation Vents
Mini Louvers
Roof & Attic Vents
Roof Ridge Vents & Accessories
Soffit & Under Eave Vents

Cork Roll & Tile
Drywall Corner Beads
Drywall Joint Compounds & Tape
Facing Brick & Stone
FRP & NRP Panels & Moldings
Pegboards & Slatwalls
Wall Flashing Waterproofer
And More

Window Well & Area Walls
Window Well Covers


Pole Buildings

From farm buildings, machinery storage, and horse barns to free stall barns, residential garages, and storage sheds, Keim Lumber has the products you need to get the building you want. Choose from McElroy metal siding and roofing that is available with 30 and 40 year warrantied steel, specially ordered and cut to the inch with no extra cost. Keim Lumber offers in-between post, vertical, and horizontal framing for insulating the building and perma columns, 3-ply laminate, or regular CCA treated posts.

Specializing in homeowners and do-it-yourselfers, Keim Lumber can create an image of the building with or without siding for you to view before building.  Check with one of our sales staff in the Estimating Department to get a usage list of all the material used in building and let us help make your idea a reality.