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Keim Lighting Display


When the sun goes down, brighten your home with beautiful lighting from Keim. Our extensive lighting display puts the fixtures down low where you can get a better sense of the details. Whether the fixture is from Kichler, Northeast Lantern, Vaxcel or Nuvo Lighting, you’ll be able to experience each piece before hanging them in your home. Moreover, Keim stocks a wide variety of electrical supplies, solar, 12-volt lighting systems, and landscape lighting.

electrical supplies

Electrical Supplies

In addition to the expansive selection of lighting fixtures, Keim stocks all the supplies you need for your next electrical project. You’ll find wiring, light bulbs, extension cords, switchplate covers and more. Keim’s knowledgeable staff will make sure you leave with everything you need.

Battery Chargers
Flashlight Accessories & Replacement Parts
Flashlights & Lanterns
Household Batteries
Light Sticks
Specialty Batteries
Specialty Lights

Armored & Metal Clad Cable
Building Wire
Cord Wire & Spool
Low Voltage, Speaker & Antenna Wire
Multi-Line & Phone Wire
Specialty Wire
Underground Feeder Cable

Cable & Wire Staples
Cable Protectors & Bushings
Cable Ties & Wire Labels
Wire Channels & Protectors
Wire Clamps, Straps & Holders

Ceiling Fan Accessories
Ceiling Fan Parts
Ceiling Fans & Light Kits

Circuit Breakers
Load Center & Panel Accessories
Load Centers & Panel Boxes
Safety Switches & Disconnects

Conduit Fittings
Conduit Mounting
Flexible Conduit
Metal Framing Channel & Fittings
Prewired Flexible Conduit
Rigid Conduit
Service Entrance Fittings

Appliance Cords
Cord Connectors
Cord Plugs
Cord Reels & Holders
Extension & Generator Cords
Lamp Cords
Multi-Outlet Cords & Surge Strips
And More

Door Chimes & Kits
Doorbell Buttons
Doorbell Transformers
Doorbells & Buzzers
Wireless Doorbells

Box Covers
Box Extensions & Adapters
Electrical Box Fittings & Accessories
Electrical Boxes
Mounting Hardware
Outdoor Electrical Boxes & Covers

Clips & Clamps
Electrical Tape and Heat Shrink
Ground Rods & Accessories
Lug Terminals & Lugs
Wire Connectors & Splices
Wire Terminal Ends & Blocks

Generator Accessories
Generators & Inverters

Battery Operated Lights
Ceiling Light Fixtures
Emergency Lighting
Recessed Fixtures
Shop Lights
Track Lighting Components
And More

Handheld and Trouble Work Lights
Portable Work Lights

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs
Fluorescent Light Bulbs
Halogen Light Bulbs
High-Intensity Light Bulbs
Incandescent Light Bulbs
LED Light Bulbs
Light Bulb Accessories

Lamp & Fixture Parts
Light Shades & Diffusers

Modular Wallplates & Components
Networking & Media Center Components

Outdoor Light Fixtures
Security Light Fixtures

Auto-Sensing Switches
Dimmers & Accessories
Switch Accessories
Time Controlled Switches
Wall Plate Accessories
And More

Indoor & Outdoor Timers

Electical Brands