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Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning


Quality Comfort

Keim has everything you need to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. You’ll find a variety of air conditioning units and fans, as well as supplies to keep your furnace and chimney safe and efficient. Our knowledgeable, friendly staff is here to help you.

Air Conditioner Parts
Air Conditioners

Air & Furnace Filters

Air Purifier Filters
Air Purifiers & Sanitizers

Chimney Cleaning Tools
Creosote and Soot Removers

Masonry Chimney Caps

Moisture Absorbers

Dryer Ducting
Dryer Elbows
Dryer Vent Accessories
Vent Hoods & Caps
Vents & Hose Kits

Cooler Pumps & Parts
Evaporative Coolers
Evaporative Coolers Accessories
Maintenance Parts & Supplies
Motors & Parts
Unions, Couplings & Drain Fittings

Bath Fans & Ventilators
Exhaust Fan Accessories & Parts

High Velocity & Drum Fans
Home & Office Fans
Outdoor Fan
Personal Fans
Window Fans

Ash Vacuums
Fire Logs, Starters & Fuels
Fireplace and Stove Cleaners
Fireplace Parts & Accessories
Fireplaces & Fireboxes
Gas & Electric Logs
Gaskets & Sealants
And More

Boots & Stack Heads
Dampers & Air Boosters
Duct Installation Supplies
Increasers & Reducers
Pipe & Duct
Thimbles & Draw Bands

Electric Heaters
Gas & Propane Heater Parts
Gas & Propane Heaters
Kerosene Heaters & Accessories
Portable Forced Air Heaters & Parts

Furnace Fan Controls
Gas Furnace Parts
Hydronic Heating System Parts
Oil Furnace Parts
Oil Tank Parts
Thermostats & Parts

Humidifier Filters & Parts
Humidifier Treatment, Cleaners & Scents
Humidifiers & Vaporizers

Range Hoods, Filters & Parts

Air Deflectors & Vent Covers
Ceiling Diffusers & Dampers
Floor & Baseboard Registers
Wall Registers & Return Air Grilles

Black Stove Pipe & Accessories
Direct Vent Stove Pipe
Fireplace Pipe & Chimney Accessories
Gas Vent Pipe & Connectors
Insulated Stove Pipe
Pellet Stove Pipe & Accessories
Stove Pipe Accessories

Air Elimination Control
Pumps, Circulators & Parts

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Brands