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Vitamix on Kitchen Counter

Turning House Into Home

Keim keeps a large assortment of everyday housewares in stock at all times. We stock trash cans, laundry accessories, cleaners, floor products, as well as Sirena sweepers, office supplies, area rugs, and small kitchen appliances like Bosch and KitchenAid mixers. Keim also carries a variety of step ladders, Lifetime brand tables, card tables, and Mitylite chairs.

Replacement Knobs
Stove Gap Protector

Baking & Cookie Sheets
Baking Cups & Cooling Racks
Baking Dishes & Pans
Cake Pans
Pie Pans
Roaster Pans & Racks

Bath and Shower Organizers
Bath Mats & Treads
Bath Mirrors
Cabinet Organizer
Personal Care Accessories
Shower Curtains & Rods
Tumblers & Soap Dispensers

Canning Accessories
Canning Equipment
Canning Ingredients
Canning Jars & Lids
Canning Utensils

Cast Iron Cookware
Cookware Parts
Electric Cookware
Microwave Cookware
Pans, Skillets & Griddles
Pressure Cookers & Parts
Saucepans & Saute Pans
And More

Food Storage
Food Storage Bags
Insulated Bottles & Mugs
Lunch Totes
Storage Jars, Bottles & Canisters
Vacuum Food Sealers & Supplies
Water & Sport Bottles

Furniture Risers
Tables, Chairs, Benches (Lifetime)

Candles, Fragrances & Accessories
Oil Lamps & Accessories
Picture Frames & Wall Hangings

Can Openers
Coffee & Beverage Makers
Cookers & Roasters
Electric Knives
Electric Skillets & Cookware
And More

Beverage Dispenser
Drawer and Cabinet Organizers
Kitchen Magnets & Clips 
Kitchen Storage Racks
Paper Towel & Napkin Holders
Racks, Hooks & Holders
Refrigerator & Freezer Organizers
Utility & Shopping Carts

Food Prep Kits & Ingredients
Food Wraps, Cooking Bags & Liners
Paper Towels & Napkins
Safety Gloves
Shelf & Drawer Liners

Bottle/Jar Openers & Stoppers
Choppers, Grinders & Presses
Colanders, Strainers & Sifters
Cutters, Slicers & Corers
Cutting and Food Prep Boards
Food Scales
Kitchen Thermometer
And More

Clotheslines & Accessories
Drying Racks
Ironing Boards & Accessories
Irons & Steamers
Laundry Baskets & Hampers
Laundry Detergents
Laundry Washing Bags

Boot Scrapers and Trays
Heated Mats
Rugs & Accessories

Bath Sponges, Brushes & Accessories
Hand Sanitizers
Health Care Supplies
And More

Dish Drainers & Trays
Sink Mats
Sink Trays & Racks
Utility Dishpans

Beverage Servers & Containers
Condiment Dispensers & Holders

Bath Textiles
Kitchen Textiles
Table Linens & Accents

Can Crushers
Commercial Trash Containers
Lawn Bags
And More


Cord, Pullies and Wands
Curtain Holdbacks
Curtain Rods
Hooks, Rings & End Caps