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Paint & Painting Supplies

Paint swatches

See What a Fresh Coat Can Do

The Keim paint department staff is ready to assist you on your toughest projects, be it interior or exterior. Whether providing you with the tools and supplies to get the job done or advising you on which brand and type of paint will best accomplish your goals, our team members bring a high level of expertise and know-how. 

Our paint matching computer helps find the best tone to match pre-existing colors in your home, and we keep records on all tinted paints purchased by our customers in the event that you forget five years down the road and want to buy another gallon. From Valspar and Pratt and Lambert to Best Look from Do It Best, you’ll be amazed by our selection and variety. Stop in and see us today!

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Construction Material Adhesives
Drywall & Panel Adhesives
Epoxies & Glues
Glue Guns, Hot Melt Glue and Glue Applicators
Household Glues & Super Glues
Repair & Special Purpose Adhesive
Wood Glues & Polyurethane Glues

Caulk Strips & Filler Rope
Foam Sealant & Applicators

Caulk Accessories
Caulk Guns

Algae Cleaners
Concrete & Driveway Cleaners
Deck Cleaners & Brighteners
Mold Cleaners and Preventers
Paint Prep Cleaners & Restoration
Paint Thinners, Mineral Spirits & Turpentine
Resin, Lacquer, & Epoxy Thinners
And More

Drop Cloths
Floor Protection & Rosin

Dust Barrier Kits & Accessories

Ladder Accessories
Pump Jacks
Roof Brackets
Scaffolding & Work Platforms

Concrete Paint & Coatings
Decorative Stone Finishes & Coatings
Exterior Paints
Faux Finish Coatings
Floor Paints
Interior Paints
And More

Brush & Roller Cleaning Tools
Extension Poles and Brush Holders
Pad Applicators
Paint Accessories
Paint Brushes
Paint Sprayer Parts
Paint Sprayers & Accessories
And More

Conditioners, Hardeners & Driers
Paint Additives
Paint Colorants

Color Matching

Lids, Covers & Liners
Mixers & Paddles
Pails, Buckets, & Pots
Paint Can Opener & Hook
Pourers & Strainers

Drywall Patching & Repair Products
Wall & Ceiling Repair
Wood Fillers & Putties

Interior & Exterior Primers
Specialty Primers

Floor Scrapers
Putty Knives & All-Purpose Tools
Razor Scrapers & Blades
Wall Scrapers
Wire Brushes

Drywall Screen and Sandpaper
Emery & Crocus Cloth
Sanding Blocks and Refills
Sandpaper, Sanding Pads & Sanding Sponges
Steel Wool
Stripping & Finishing Pads

Drywall Sealers
Masonry Sealers & Waterproofers
Mold & Mildew Resistant Coatings
Sealers & Preservatives
Waterproofers & Protectors

Marking & Striping Paint
Specialty Spray Paints & Finishes
Spray Paint Handles & Applicators
Spray Paints
Spray Primers
Textured Finish Spray Paints

Exterior Stains & Finishes
Finish Restorers
Finish Touch-up Pencils & Markers
Floor Finishes
Interior Stains & Finishes
And More

Caulk & Gloss Removers
Heat Guns & Stripping Tools
Paint, Varnish, & Stain Removers
Rust & Corrosion Removers

Builder Board & Heavy Duty Tapes
Duct & Flue Tape
Masking Tape & Paper
Masking Tools
Repair Tape

Corner Protectors

Wallpaper Adhesive & Removers
Wallpaper Tools

Paint & Painting Supplies Brands