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Power Tools & Accessories

Keim Tool Department

You'll Find It Here

Keim stocks a large selection of pneumatic, electric and cordless power tools suitable for every skill set, ranging from everyday household needs to industrial and commercial woodworking. You’ll only find the highest quality tools at Keim, from brands like DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee and Sawstop. Visit the tool department to view Keim’s full selection of power tools.

Air Compressor Tools & Accessories
Air Compressors & Tanks
Air Tool Parts
Air Tools
Filters, Regulators & Lubricators
Hoses & Hose Reels
And More

Corded Coring Tools
Corded Drills & Drivers
Corded Saws
Corded Specialty Tools
Corded Wrenches
Oscillating Tools
And More

Cordless Drills & Drivers
Cordless Flashlights & Work Lights
Cordless Grinders
Cordless Nailers & Accessories
Cordless Saw
Cordless Staplers
Cordless Tool Batteries & Chargers
And More

Chucks, Chuck Keys & Holders
Drill Attachments
Drill Bit Accessories
Drill Bit Sharpeners
Drill Guides & Doweling Jigs
Plug Cutters & Dowel Centers

Brad Point Drill Bits
Countersink Bits
Drill/Drive Bits & Screw Pilots
Extension Bits
Forstner Bits
Hammer & Breaker Bits
Masonry Drill Bits
And More

Engravers and Wood Burners

Circle Cutters & File
Hole Saw Parts
Hole Saws
Lock Installation Kits

CO2 Fastening Tools
Pnuematic Tool Repair Parts

Oscillating Blades
Oscillating Sanding Accessories
Oscillating Tool Accessories

Joiner Accessories
Planer Blades

Accessory Kits
Components & Attachments
Rotary Tool Accessories
Rotary Tool Bits
Rotary Tool Stands
Rotary Tools

Router Bases & Bushings
Router Bits
Router Guides & Kits

Angle Grinder Adapters & Parts
Backing Pads
Buffing & Polishing
Drum Sanders
Flap Brushes, Sanding Wheels & Strippers
Floor Sanding Sheets, Discs & Belts
Grinding Wheels & Stones
And More

Band Saw Blades & Accessories
Circular Saw Blades & Accessories
Diamond Blades
Jamb Saw Blades
Jig Saw Blades
Reciprocating Saw Blades & Accessories
Scroll Saw Blades

Bit Holders & Extensions
Nut Drivers & Nutsetters
Screwdriver Bits & Sets

Spiral Cut-Out Bits
Spiral Cut-Out Saw Accessories
Spiral Cut-Out Saw Cutting Wheels
Spiral Cut-Out Saw Sanding and Grinding Discs

Bench Top Power Tools
Tile Saws

Dust Bags
Extensions & Supports
Precision Devices & Stops

Power Tools & Accessories Brands