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Partnering For Success

Serving Others How We Would Want to Be Served
A Program For the Homeowner

PartnershipI’ve chosen the new windows for my living room, the new cabinets for the kitchen, and the new flooring for my bathrooms.  There is still one problem…I have no idea how to install these items!  Too often, homeowners are left in the dark to tackle installation jobs that they may not be qualified for.  One installation mistake could mean the difference between a lifetime warranty and no warranty at all.  Keim Lumber wants to help. 

 The new “Partnering For Success” program includes three stages.

1.  The Referral
     We are listening!  Tell us what your installation project is and we will provide you, the customer, with the name of a qualified, expert contractor who is best suited for your needs.

2. Making the Connection
     Not comfortable in taking the first step?  Let Keim Lumber make the connection for you.  We will contact the contractor best suited for your needs and he or she will come to you!  Your expert contractor will set up a time that suits your schedule, come to your home and take the necessary measurements.  Let us ease the stress of the process!

3. The Installation
     Feeling more confident in your contractor’s abilities than your own?  He or she will be happy to install your project for you.  Jobs that include doors, windows, flooring, or kitchen cabinetry are all included in the installation stage. 

“Partnering For Success” was created for you, the customer.  All of the processes and procedures involved are based on your voice and your needs.  We value your experience with us and strive to create a positive and memorable experience from start to finish.