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360° Design Experience

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See what's possible before you build.

The process of building a home or other structure is exciting. It is an opportunity to bring a vision to life, and it involves many decisions that need to be made.

During a project, it is important that everyone involved is on the same page to ensure that the project turns out as desired. One of the best ways to move forward with confidence is to visualize the end result. 

Keim and Tekton Engineering have partnered to bring new technology into the home design and planning space. This tool allows a group of project stakeholders to view the exterior and interior of a house in 3D, while also showing how the home will sit on the property.

Interested in using the 360° Design Experience for your next project? Learn more below.

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Discover the 360 Design Experience at Keim Home Center

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360 Design Experience Room

Get it right the first time.

Experience your design plans in an immersive, 360° room. Explore the look, feel, and function of your project with everyone involved, before the work begins.

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Share the space. Share the vision.

When you are in a shared space, you can share your vision with those around you: your contractor, your designer, and your family. 

Together, you can make decisions with ease. The 360° Design Experience can help give you confidence that you will get it right the first time.

Three Packages Available

Bronze ($)

Exterior and Interior Materials


Silver ($$)

Bronze plus

Basic site and basic interior furnishings


Gold ($$$)

Silver plus

Full Site/Landscaping

Full Interior Detailing

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