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Example of a variety of moldings in a foyer Example of a variety of moldings in a foyer

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Trimming your home shouldn’t be an afterthought, and with over 200 in-stock molding profiles to choose from, the knowledgeable staff at Keim can help you with thoughtful selections and helpful advice. We want you to be excited about your design and for your molding or millwork project to feel like the finishing touch, not the final box to check.

Why Choose Keim?

Unmatched Selection: Many in-stock species and styles to choose from Custom options available.
Contractor Connection: Fill out the form below or stop by and see us. We’d be glad to connect you with a trusted contractor.
Convenient Delivery within 150 miles.


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Inspiration Gallery

Browse our collection of finished Keim projects along with inspiration from similar projects.


Molding is a form of trim or decoration used to cover transitions between different surfaces, such as walls and floors, or for decorative purposes. It's traditionally made from solid pieces of wood or plaster and can be used to add contrast between light and dark areas on a structure without paint.  

“Moulding” or “moulding trim" is a term primarily used in the UK and other parts of the world to refer to the shaping of wood, particularly crown moulding. “Molding”, on the other hand, is the term used in the United States to describe this same process, particularly when it comes to woodworking and carpentry businesses. At Keim, we spell it “molding”, a reflection of our rich woodworking and carpentry history.

Design, availability, and budget are the three most significant factors in determining which wood trim or molding option is best for you. Stock molding offers same-day availability and a better price point, but custom options can be crafted to precisely match an existing or exotic design.  

Stock Molding: Choose from more than 250 different molding profiles and over ten species of wood available. We carry a variety of species and sizes of wood that total nearly two million feet of molding!

Options include: 

  • Baseboard and Shoe Molding
  • Crown Molding 
  • Handrails Trim Molding

Custom Molding: Your molding possibilities are limitless, from custom casing to custom crown and everything in between. At Keim, you can choose from more than 13,000 profiles on file in our knife room. Our state-of-the-art milling facility and our experienced and caring staff present unlimited possibilities.

While many of our customers are contractors, Keim serves everyone! From homeowners looking to remodel or work on a new build to businesses, woodshops, furniture shops, designers, and cabinet shops, all are welcome, and we look forward to helping you.

Helping customers navigate our stock and custom options to ensure they end up with the right products for their project is so important to the team at Keim! For example, selecting the suitable wood species is crucial to the success of your project - did you know that white oak or red oak would be more consistent in color. In contrast, hickory will vary in color throughout your home? This is the kind of information we share with customers when helping make selections. 

We can also help customers manage their budget, and your order can be written up immediately for in-stock products. We can’t wait to learn about your dream design and answer your questions - customers can walk in and speak with sales staff during regular business hours, no appointment required!

We want our customers to feel heard, helped, and confident in the investment they are making. For custom projects, estimates are given, drawings are rendered, and a quote is provided.  

Looking for a specific profile? If we don’t have it available, we will work together to create your vision with a custom project. Past custom projects have been used in wooden plaques, car and yacht parts, grandfather clocks, and more! 

We aren’t designers, but we know lumber and have an eye for detail. We are happy to make recommendations, but we can connect customers to designers we trust if technical design input is needed.

Although we do not complete installations, we can recommend the top carpentry companies we call for our projects.

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