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Wood Molding

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Finish your home with the right millwork package. Trim your home with the best millwork solutions. Here at Keim, we manufacture our own line of millwork and molding building supplies for residential and commercial use. 

Our millwork shop stocks molding in more than 200 different profiles and a variety of wood species.


Millwork Specialty Sales

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Aluminum Cap
Aluminum Cove
Aluminum Edge Molding

Base Molding
Base Molding Cap
Base Shoe

Brick Molding
Brick Molding Set
Drip Cap

Plinth Block
Stop Molding

Bed Molding
Cove Molding
Crown Molding
Crown Molding Support


Corner Block
Inside Corner Molding
Outside Corner Molding

Decorative Molding Strip
Egg & Dart Molding Strip
Picture Frame Molding
Rope Molding
Shingle Molding

Door Crosshead
Window Header

Batten Moldings
Flat Molding
Lattice Molding
Screen Molding
Screen Molding Display
Square Molding

Lattice Cap
Lattice Panel
Panel Divider

Chair Rail & Base Combo
Chair Rail Molding
Spindle Rail

Quarter Round Molding
Round Molding

Melamine Edging
Veneer Edging

Stock Casing
Stock Base
Stok Crown
Stock Chair Rail
Stock Panel Molding
Nosing, Stools, Specials
Stock Quarter Round
And More

Cap Molding
Wainscot Base