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Custom Millwork

Staircase display of custom millwork

Quality Millwork Since 1911

If you need help with design, materials, or construction challenges, come talk to our sales staff at Keim. We're skilled craftsmen who can provide high-quality millwork services. We have a huge selection of moldings, with thousands of knife patterns in stock. We can even make custom moldings based on your samples or drawings.

Aside from custom millwork, we also offer other services like custom ripping, re-sawing, cut-to-length, and more. We can create highly detailed trim that can be curved or wrapped around your walls. We can also make custom interior doors, fireplace mantles, and custom floors to fit your desired style. Whatever you need for your home, we're here to help!

Millwork Specialty Sales:
866.872.0500 (toll free)

Interior Sliding Door

Custom Interior Doors

Keim's custom interior doors are designed with the latest 3D software to match your style. Whether you prefer something traditional, modern, contemporary or rustic, we have the means to build your dream door. Our custom interior doors are available in a wide variety of domestic wood and exotic wood that are built with the quality of fine furniture to last for generations. Our customized doors are available pre-finished or unfinished, and will exceed your highest expectations. For design and ordering services contact a Millwork Specialist today.

Millwork Specialty Sales:
866.872.0500 (toll free)

custom fireplace

Custom Fireplace Mantels

Bring warmth and character to your home year-round with a custom fireplace mantel. Choose from a rustic, live-edge look to reclaimed barn beams. Or select an intricately designed, custom-milled mantel specifically crafted to complement your space. Our experts can help you find the perfect wood species and detail for your fireplace.

Custom Floor image

Custom Floors

Whether it’s a hardwood floor milled from new lumber or a rustic masterpiece processed from reclaimed antique wood, nothing says home like the natural warmth and beauty of our solid wood flooring. Offered in dozens of species and a large variety of grades, widths, and lengths, it’s simple for you, with our help, to create your own unique, personalized version of home. We offer styles including, but not limited to: distressed, rough sawn, worn edges, scraped edges, square or round pegs.

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