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3 Ways that Keim Maintains a "Small Company Feel"


Keim, located in Holmes County, Ohio, is one of the largest employers in the area. Despite its size, Keim has maintained a close-knit and community-oriented atmosphere that embodies the spirit of a small company. As Keim has been fortunate to experience growth, preserving its unique culture remains a top priority.  Learn about the ways that teams and departments at Keim foster a small company feel within an expanding organization! 
Key: At Keim, we work in small teams.

Here are some other examples:  

  1. Building Relationships: At Keim, a big emphasis is placed on community and relationships. One of the key ways that Keim fosters a sense of community is by hosting days for employees to engage in fun activities outside of the workplace. Several times a year, special days are organized for co-workers and their families to come together in a casual setting and share experiences.  These days are great opportunities for co-workers and their families to enjoy a day of fun together outside of work. These events not only strengthen relationships, but also demonstrate Keim's commitment to supporting an inclusive, family-like environment. Whether it’s at work or outside of work, Keim encourages relationship building among co-workers and teams. 
  2. Celebrating and Appreciating Co-workers: Keim understands the importance of recognizing and appreciating its employees. To show gratitude throughout the year, Keim has sometimes arranged food truck days for co-workers, and in a recent initiative, provided special outdoor seating lunches and meetings. These gestures are made in efforts to create a relaxed, inviting atmosphere for employees to feel appreciated and "at home" even while they are at work. A benefit for Keim’s employees also include special pricing. Keim also cultivates co-workers with opportunities for career growth by recognizing talent to help people find the best fit and utilizing their gifts.  
  3. Balancing Work and Personal Life: Recognizing the importance of work-life balance, Keim ensures its co-workers have ample time to spend with their families and loved ones. By offering flexible hours and holidays, Keim allows employees to enjoy quality time outside of work. This consideration for personal commitments not only enhances employee satisfaction, but also majorly contributes to a small company feel by promoting a sense of family within the organization. 


Even though Keim is a large company, a “small company feel” continues to exist because Keim nurtures a close, team-oriented work environment. As a family-owned company, Keim's dedication to preserving its unique culture ensures that every employee feels valued and connected, even in the face of expansion.