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The CNC Router Shaper Origin: The First and Only Hand-Held Computer Programmable CNC Router in the USA


At Keim, we believe in measuring twice and cutting once. The CNC Shaper Origin router gives you the confidence to start your project and get it done right the first time. Designed with Festool, this innovative technology produces precision cutting for almost any size project. Shaper Tools, Festool, SawStop and Tanos are all under the Tooltechnic Systems and recognized for innovation, quality, and efficiency within the construction industry. 

The unbeatable accuracy of Origin brings your craftsmanship to the next level. That’s what is so exciting when using this precision cutting and joining tool. Through its unique features, the sky's the limit to create and craft your next woodworking designs. If you want a hardwood floor inlay, you can use the shaper origin to route the inlay. When constructing smaller, unique projects, Origin provides a perfect option. From engraved chopping blocks and coffee tables to traveling with you to job sites for a complex joinery with a difficult-to-make part, Origin is your go-to tool. 

Get to Know the CNC Shaper Origin Router

This compact handheld tool is jam-packed with features designed to produce flawless results. Fully computer programmable, Origin aligns itself to your workpiece using a visual marker method. From there, it maintains its orientation and guides the cuts, even if you pause your work and return to it later. 

The Origin scans the surface of the project and produces a map. From there, precision motors keep the tool on track of your design by fine-tuning the spindle’s position. If you do move off course, Origin automatically raises the spindle to pause the work and get back on track. 

Three Ways To Create Your Workpiece 
  1. Download designs from Shaper Hub. There, you can find ready-made ideas designed to utilize your Origin router from top woodworking experts and designers worldwide.  
  2. Choose projects from within the standard design software you currently use. Origin integrates with 2D vector designs from your iOS, Mac, Windows, Android or Linux device. Some of the most popular programs it can pair with are Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer, and Vector, to name a few. 
  3. Create your design within Origin’s touchscreen interface. Origin can act as your drawing tool right on the workpiece itself, allowing you to design as you go.
Innovative Features That Elevate Your Work

Enjoy precision joinery. You can apply Origin to your design and create tight-fitting joints, cut box joints, and cut tenons at almost any angle from 0 to 45 degrees. 

Origin is not just for woodworking. Apply the Shaper Tape to almost any material and start creating. Intuitive and perceptive, the precision depth control and uniform feed speed make engraving or intricate patterns easy and rewarding. 

Origin helps you install all kinds of hardware. This exceptional piece of equipment produces accurate alignment to already installed parts using the Grid Tool. Templates for popular hardware can be found on Shaper Hub. 

Appreciate a professional edge. Origin reduces tear out and keeps your work edges clean so you wind up pleased with the results. 

Study the Specs

In case you haven’t noticed, there is just so much to tell about Origin. The capabilities are extensive and feature the latest technology. 

For instance, its WiFi-enabled, computer-programmable, user-friendly, full-color, LCD touchscreen is naturally intuitive. It has a USB port to keep you working efficiently at job sites with no or low internet availability. The LED lights illuminate your work as you go. The camera gives you the confidence that no matter how complex, your workpiece will be perfect on the first cut. 

The router spindle used on the Shaper Origin is a Festool MFK 700 motor. You can adjust the spindle from 43mm to 1.7 inches digitally. The ¼” collet is included but the Origin can use most widely available ¼” shank router bits. 

The brushed motor spindle is 720 Watt (AC), 10,000-26,000 PRM. Its load compensating speed control features a soft start with cut-offs for over-temperature or overload safety controls. Origin uses 120 VAC (60HZ) power and is corded with a spindle power connector, spindle speed dial, spindle release, and spindle on/off button. 

The chip tray and dust extraction port help keep your workspace clean and tools working at their best. The dust extraction port is designed for the SM-1 spindle and most standard 27mm and 36mm suction hoses. 

With a handy carrying handle, Origin weighs 14.5lbs and is a compact 11.75 inches in height, 7.75 inches in depth and 13.75 inches in width. You’ll love how easily this tool fits in around your workshop. 

Let’s Make Your Project Together

At Keim, we pledge to provide you with quality tools and service so you can craft superior products. Stop by and talk through your ideas with our knowledgeable staff in the tool department. 

Our friendly Keim representatives are always available to share a tool demo with you. We love sharing our passion for the tools we supply and use, learning about your craftsmanship goals, and building our customer community. 

Visit our one-of-a-kind woodshed, explore our 140 unique species of domestic and exotic wood. We look forward to helping with your next project!

Located on 50 acres in the rolling hills of Holmes County, Keim is the destination and trusted source for your home, building, and woodworking needs. Founded in 1911, our fourth-generation family business is dedicated to caring for your project like we care for our own.