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Co-Workers Who Care Like Family


When Lisa Hart, Keim’s Stain Lab Manager, first walked into Keim 15 years ago, she noticed that something was different. She passed total strangers in the hallway, and they smiled and said hello. They asked how she was doing—and really meant it. “I’ve never met one grumpy person,” she said. 

Lisa believes that it goes beyond Keim’s atmosphere. It gets to the core of who Keim co-workers are, and how they care. 

Reaching Out
In 2021, her husband, Ted, became extremely sick in the hospital and was out of work for 7 months. For four months, Lisa herself was off work so that she could care for him. “I would have people reach out to me – send me texts and emails – people that I rarely talk to.” Lisa Hart

She could feel the authenticity in their care, but they took it a step further when they put their talk into action. When Ted needed hard-to-get medicine, a co-worker showed up to help. When Lisa needed advice for Ted’s care plan, she knew she could count on her co-workers to be a sounding board. And when she was out of the Stain Lab, she knew she could count on others to cover. 

“At one point, we were down to two people,” said Lisa, of her team of seven. “But we made it happen.” 

Showing Up
One of the Stain Lab’s team members is on the Military Reserves. When he is called for duty-sometimes months at a time—the team just comes together and fills in.  

If co-workers can help, they always lend a hand when they can. “We never let someone fall behind – at work or in their personal lives.”

Sharing the Burden
When a team member was going through a difficult time, Lisa encouraged them to take care of themselves at home. She herself covered for the co-worker that day.  

“We can work anything out, as long as we know about it. We don’t have to know all of it, but we have to communicate.” 

Lisa believes that it goes back to the Golden Rule: to treat others as you want to be treated. 

And when she sees someone who needs help, Lisa is among the first to show up and share the burden.  

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