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Covered Deck Design | by Karen Keim


Wouldn’t it feel refreshing to step back from the busyness and responsibilities of life for a moment?

One of my favorite places to do this is our covered deck. The peace of its surroundings is great to relax in ...the dog loves it too. I love to get my steaming mug of coffee or tea and sit there in the coolness of the morning before everyone else is awake. The sun reflecting its first morning rays on the trees. The birds chirping. I can clear my head and be fully present. Time stands still, and I often find myself feeling content and settled regardless of the circumstances outside of that time and space or of what my schedule may hold for the day ahead. 

Perhaps you have a space where you can find this peace. Perhaps it’s something that you are dreaming of. It doesn’t have to be fancy. It doesn’t have to be perfect. But it does need to be a reflection of you; a wonderful retreat that is uniquely yours. A place where you can just “be.” Be yourself. Be with those you love. Be happy and healthy at home. 

It all starts with some questions…
•    What do you want to feel in an outdoor living space?
•    What do you want to be able to do in the space? 
•    What are your needs, wants, preferences?
•    Who would use the space?
•    What is your budget?
•    What phases do you need to break the project into to fulfill your goals and dreams? 
•    Are there any special circumstances that need to be considered? (Ex. Life stage, allergies, disabilities, neighbors, etc.)

These are the types of questions we asked ourselves that led to our covered deck.

We had a deck previously but rarely used it. The intensity of the sun made it too hot to use most of the time. Grilling was the only thing we used the deck for, which was not meeting our needs or expectations. Our dream for our outdoor living space was to have an extension of our home, like another room. A place to be alone or be together. A place to grill, sit, read, visit, watch rainstorms, rest, eat. A place to be anytime of the day and most times of the year. A place to relax in the presence of nature and at the same time be protected.

Here is what is becoming of that dream…

Patio Mood Board

A project like ours doesn’t happen quickly. In fact, we just purchased the smoker as a Father’s Day gift recently and still have one more phase of adding the table and chairs for eating at. We’re almost there.

Whether or not a new or remodeled outdoor living space is in your future, today I encourage you to think about where and how you might be able to let your mind and body rest and rejuvenate. Is there a place where you can be refreshed? Your deck, patio, porch, yard or the woods or a park? Wherever it may be for you, at a bare minimum, find a place you can sit and relax, be present with nature, with yourself, with those you love. You won’t regret it. I never do.

From my home to yours,

Karen Keim