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Home Trends for 2022 | by Karen Keim


How have your home needs changed over the years? For many people, the elements that make a happy, healthy home have shifted. No longer are we just focused on multi-functional spaces for home life plus work and study. We also want home to be a peaceful sanctuary that authentically reflects who we are. A place to retreat, relax, and rejuvenate. A place that sparks joy. Being at home more over the last two years, forced though it may have been, has me looking at my home these ways too.

Design trends for 2022 follow this idea of health and happiness, peace and personality. 

Home as a peaceful sanctuary. We want cohesive spaces that evoke a sense of calm, balance, contentment, serenity, relaxation. Design elements of choice to accomplish this are:

  • Natural Materials. Beauty and imperfection found in warm woods, natural fibers, and natural textures are trending. At Keim, you can find an extensive selection of wood—domestic, exotic, and slabs.
  • Plants. Bring the feel of the outdoors inside. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can start with easy plants like Pothos or Snake Plants, or choose faux plants.  
  • Green is the color of the year for most paint companies and is the new neutral. You will see it accompanied by soft, warm creams and beiges. For more on color selections, you can find Valspar, Pratt & Lambert, and Best Look, from Do It Best in our paint department at Keim. Whether you want to explore colors with our paint color visualizer, or you’re looking to digitally match the exact paint color, the folks in the paint department are eager to help. 

All these elements positively impact our health and wellbeing by increasing our comfort and sense of calm and reducing stress, just like this mood board, below:

Mood Board January 2022

Home as an expression of self. We want our homes to be authentically ours—a reflection of our personality, who we are, what we love, what makes us happy. What do you love? What makes you happy? We are unique, and we want our homes to express that uniqueness. You will see this in the following trends:

  • Pops of Color and Pattern. Use colors and patterns that you love. Consider a painted front door or kitchen cabinet. Make a statement with the color or pattern on an accent wall, rug, or throw pillows.
  • Elements of Beauty. This is purely about your interpretation of beauty. Put things you love together in a cohesive space. This can be anything from a light fixture to reclaimed wood furniture, luxurious fabric, or a favorite tile. 
  • Story. Tell your story through a photo wall. Incorporate family heirlooms like your grandmother’s side table or items you found on your travels. Whether you’re a minimalist, or far from it, you can find ways to express yourself and your life in art and decor. 

Selections of this type are often very personal and specially chosen. They connect us to people, experiences, and things we love, evoking memories and sparking joy. A wonderful thing for our emotional and mental health.

Design for wellbeing is my passion. I encourage you to consider, along with me… What could I do in the coming year to enhance the quality of life through my home? There are many possibilities, big and small. It may be as simple as hanging a picture, buying a plant, repurposing a piece of furniture, or painting a room. Whatever it may be, our staff at Keim are here for you and dedicated to caring for your project like we care for our own. 

Wishing you a happy and healthy home in 2022!

From my home to yours,

Karen Keim