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How to Repair Your Lawn After Winter


Spring is in the air. The birds are chirping. The days are getting longer. The last snow has fallen (we hope). It’s time to start thinking of back yard barbeques and yard game tournaments, like Kan Jam or Bocce Ball.

But not so fast.

Winter takes a toll on everyone’s lawn. If it’s not a yard full of weeds that you’re dealing with, it may be bare patches. How does this even happen? How do you prevent it? Let’s take a look.

Fighting the dandelions

Everything grows more quickly in warm weather, especially dandelions. Sometimes it seems like the weeds can take over during the night. This is because it’s a perennial, meaning it self-propagates, season after season. When those yellow “flowers” turn into fluffy white balls, you’ll soon have a yard full of dandelions.

Regular mowing can help reduce the spread of dandelions. If, and only if, you cut your grass before the flowers turn to seed. You can also use Jonathan Green Weed & Feed or Weed B Gon, from Keim’s Lawn and Garden department.

Covering the bare patches

Bare patches in lawns are one result of ice damage. After a snowfall, if warm weather comes followed by a cold snap, the ice could kill the grass in your lawn. Then when the final snow melts, all the brown, bare patches in your lawn will be exposed.

But thankfully, there’s a pretty easy fix. Here’s quick, step-by-step guide:

  1. Rake up all the dead grass in the bare patches.
  2. Use a drop spreader to add Jonathan Green’s MAG-I-CAL Soil Food. This helps give your soil the nutrients it needs to grow slender green sprouts.
  3. Next, spread Jonathan Green Grass Seed Patch and Repair on the soil with your hands.
  4. Water daily unless it rains.

Follow these steps, and you’ll be on your way to fuller, greener grass in no time. If you have questions or want expert advice, be sure to stop in our store or give us a call at 330-893-5030. You can even look through our online catalog and place a phone order to have them delivered to your house.

At Keim, we’re happy to help with your lawn needs.