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A Mother's Day Gift Guide for Dads


This Mother’s Day, social distancing brings unique challenges for everyone.

Our number one tip for dads? Ask her what she wants and actually listen. You know your wife and how unique she is, much better than we do. That being said, she may say she doesn’t want anything. Let us translate that statement: she doesn’t want anything that will need to dust be dusted. But she might appreciate one of the following gifts:

Give the gift of time. During this time of social distancing, that special woman in your life has been playing multiple roles without a break: mother, teacher, chef, janitor. Employee? Mom Tiger or Peppa Pig’s mom? (If you know, you know!) As much as moms love their children, they also need some time alone. To symbolize that, wrap up some cleaning products with a note that says that you’ll take it from here. Don’t forget to follow up on that cleaning. After all, happy wife, happy life!

Give the gift of energy. By that, we mean coffee. If your wife runs on less than 5 hours of sleep a night, this doesn’t need any further explanation.    

Give the gift of connection. As we all keep our distance, some women might be longing for the hands that were once little, or a child’s hug they’ve only ever dreamed about. But that doesn’t mean all connection is cut off. Now is the perfect time to upgrade a phone, or a mailbox and connect to your loved ones from a distance.    

So whether it’s a new mail box, a coffee maker, or some cleaning products (that you’ll use), you can trust Keim to help. Place a catalog order from May 4-9, to receive 10% off your order. If you’re local, we’ll even deliver it for free!