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The Possibilities and Process of Designing Inspiring Custom Interior Doors 


Have you ever walked through a one-of-a-kind door? A spectacular door that fits its surroundings, stands out in a crowd and beckons you to cross its threshold? A signature door that shares the character of its owner? At Keim, we specialize in full-service millwork to carefully and expertly craft any interior door you can imagine.   

Discover how we craft your perfect interior door.  
Oftentimes, customers come to us with a specific design and even wood species in mind. Listening to your ideas, we can help tailor the aesthetic vision for your project. Our talented design team does this using the latest 3D software, so you can visualize your dream door while we prepare to craft it.  

 We do this with a state-of-the-art CAD (computer-aided design) program, designing the door to your specifications as the initial step. This creates a schematic of the custom piece so you can see your dreams in the early stages of reality. Each project is so unique, and it’s thrilling to watch it all come to life.  

A stunning selection of wood species. 
Equally important is selecting the right material for your door. Perhaps you’re searching for something unique that matches your style. Or perhaps you have a particular wood grain in mind. We’re happy to walk you through our unmatched selection of domestic and exotic wood varieties.  

You can visit the Keim Woodshed to experience the differences in person or browse our online store for specialty wood or our domestic wood library. From your classic and contemporary maples to warm and welcoming alders, we will provide you with the highest quality of domestic hardwood products and services. Built with the quality of fine furniture, you can expect our products to stand up against time and last generations.  

Dream your interior door and we’ll build it. 
Being first and foremost craftsmen ourselves, our aim is to produce precisely what you’re looking for.  We offer different designs in the wood, profiles, and various curves for the edges of your door. Our 5-axis CNC router can cut an endless number of profiles and shapes. We love working with our customers to make the finished product just right and we’re prepared to satisfy any design challenge.  

With your finalized CAD images and wood selection in hand, we’re ready to manufacture the door itself. Carefully, our craftsmen select the finest materials and get down to the tasks of precision cutting, fastening, sanding, finishing, and inspecting. Manufacturing all happens on-site, so it's one-stop-shopping from brainstorming to a finished product here at Keim. 

When dreams become reality.  
Once the door is produced, we recommend helpful instructions for storage, handling, and finishing. The first step is to carefully inspect your door upon receipt. We work hard to deliver a quality product and want you to be more than satisfied with your purchase. The goal of our custom millwork is to wow you and best your expectations.   

Time for the finishing touches. 
Deciding on your door’s finish is an essential part of the design. Stain allows the wood's natural character to shine. Browsing the internet, flipping through magazines might spark your home decor inspiration. Whatever look you land on, we’re here to support your ideas.  

Finishing Your Door: 
✔ Our Stain Lab take color matching to a whole new level. Visit the building across from the Customer Service station in the yard.  
✔ If your door is going to be exposed to direct sunlight, it's best practice to avoid using dark stains and paints as they will fade with time.  
✔ Our Artscape window film can provide added privacy and style to any window. 

Our expert craftsmen are your go-to home construction advisors.  
Visit Keim and experience why our reputation has drawn so many customers to our wood showroom and custom millwork design center. If you're interested in learning more about choosing the right door for your home, read our article “Everything You Need to Know About Doors.”  

There we discuss materials of every kind to make your doorway the way you like it, including exterior, interior, entryway, patio doors, fire-rated doors, barn doors, sliding doors, steel doors, fiberglass doors, solid versus hollow core, glass doors, and last but not least, pre-hung doors. We carry all of these items and more. View our door and window products and services; then see for yourself in our 125,000 square foot showroom, located in Charm, Ohio.  Come on down to experience how working with Keim will make a difference in your project.  

Located on 50 acres in the rolling hills of Holmes County, Keim is the destination and trusted source for your home, building, and woodworking needs. Founded in 1911, our fourth-generation family business is dedicated to caring for your project like we care for our own.