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What You Need To Know Before Building Your Deck


In Ohio, sunny days in late winter are few and far between. When the sun comes out, it’s time to celebrate! It gives hope for the change of the seasons, the new growth in gardens, the scent of grilling, and summertime gatherings. While it might be too early to plan your Fourth of July party, it’s not too early to plan an upgrade for your outdoor space. Plan now and you can be ready to host family and friends when the weather turns warm. 

Whether you want to build a new deck, renovate an older deck, or just need to give it a good scrub, at Keim, we can help. We’ve compiled a list of answers to questions we think you might be asking yourself: 

1. Are decks a good investment? Yes. As many people seek to blend the boundary between indoors and outdoors, decks are a cost-effective way to add living space to your home. And when you’re ready to move, it’s a great selling point. You can expect as much as a 70% return on your deck. 

2. What is the best material for decks? We recommend composite decking, which is a mixture of wood fiber, plastic, and a binding material like glue. We like it because it is low maintenance and comes with a 25-year limited residential warranty, as opposed to treated lumber that lasts 20 years and requires maintenance. You really can’t beat that. We stock Trex, Azek, and TimberTech composite decking at Keim, as well as treated lumber.  

3. Are decks or patios more expensive? It varies on the type and style you use. The median price for a mid-range Trex deck is $5 per square foot. Simple, brick pavers will cost you about $5 per square foot.  

4. Are decks included in the square footage of a house? Decks are not included in the square footage of the house. Square footage of the home is just the living area inside the walls. 

5. Are decks covered by homeowners insurance? Yes, it’s covered by insurance. While decks don’t count toward your house’s square footage, insurance agencies consider it a part of the physical structure of your home and is included in your homeowner’s policy. 

6. Can decks hold hot tubs? Yes. 

7. Is it safe to put a propane heater on my deck? We wouldn’t recommend it. 

8. What decks can be painted? What decks can be stained? Decks made of treated lumber can be stained or painted. Composite decking shouldn’t be painted, but when you order composite decking materials, you can choose from more than 20 colors. 

9. What’s the best cleaner for decks?  We recommend using Olympic Deck Wash once a year to clean the dirt and mildew off your deck. Olympic Deck Wash is a biodegradable cleaner that washes away the grime and keeps your deck looking like new.   

10. Who installs or builds decks? At Keim, we’ve got a long list of experts who can help you with decking needs. Visit us in Charm, Ohio, or give us a call at 330.893.2251 and we’ll recommend someone in your area.  

Keim is a fourth-generation, family-owned business built on trust and dedicated to helping you fulfill your home building and woodworking dreams.