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Which Festool Blade Is Right For Your Project?


At Keim, we understand that there are a lot of great tool brands out there. We want to give you all the information you need to make the decision that is right for you. We know that quality matters, and when you invest in a tool, getting the most out of that investment just makes good sense.

At Keim, we believe in investing in our hardworking customers and community. So, we want to share some strategies for making the most of your Festool tools.  

Committed to Excellence 

Festool has been making power tools for craftsmen who expect their tools to work as hard as they do for over 90 years. These top-of-the-line, German-engineered power tools save time and effort through innovative design. Built to perform for years under heavy use, they are efficient and accurate, saving you materials and time.  

Use the Right Blade For the Job 

Another way a bit of extra knowledge and research can come in handy is knowing the correct equipment needed to get your job done expertly. Using the ideal blade, bit or drill can make the difference in your safety and in avoiding unnecessary wear and tear on your tools.  

For instance, with six distinct blades designed for individual tasks, the Festool TSC 55 K cordless track saw uses a thin-kerf blade design with advanced tooth geometry to make a perfect cut every time. These high-quality blades mean a longer tool life-span, splinter-free cut quality, longer blade life, and less sawdust clean up. 

  1.  The Wood Fine Cut Blade is ideal for clean cuts in solid wood, laminate or veneer sheet materials and acrylic glass. The 48-count, smaller, trapezoidal cross-cut teeth produce a quality cut with a finished edge. 
  2. For an all-around blade great at cutting all wood and wood materials, building panels, and soft plastics, we recommend the Wood Universal Blade. With 60 teeth, it has fewer and larger cross-cut teeth than the Fine Cut blade, giving you more power when you need it.  
  3. For a quick, low-effort cut ripping both hard and softwoods, it’s best to use the Wood Rip Cut Blade, with 12 teeth. With less fibers to cut through, you can use this blade with larger, fewer teeth for fast, powerful cuts.  
  4. When cutting laminate and melamine-resin-bonded projects, the Laminate/HPL Blade is ideal, with 60 teeth. Use the compatible Festool Guide Rail system to make ripping laminate flooring quick and simple. 
  5. If you need to make a cut through aluminum, fiber-reinforced, or hard plastics, you’ll need the Aluminum/Plastics Blade. This blade has 80 teeth and for tough aluminum cuts, the more teeth, the better.
  6. Finally, for abrasive materials like cement, fiberboards, and gypsum-bonded particle boards, the four straight, flat teeth of the Diamond Abrasive Materials Blade will get your job done safely.  

The Festool TSC 55 K KickbackStop technology is built in for your safety. In addition, micro-adjustable depth control and a dual voltage 18/36 V system get your projects done fast and efficiently. Save time, wear and tear. and battery life by making the first cut the final cut. It’s the details that set Festool apart. 

Maintaining the Blades 

Keeping a sharp edge on your tools is essential for longevity and it also saves you energy. You work hard enough; you don’t need to push through a dull blade to make your cut. Dull blades stress motors and will decrease the lifespan of your precision instrument. Festool supports their tools through servicing, tests, adjustments performed by their specialist repair service professionals.  

Keim is proud to be an authorized service center for most tools we carry. While we don’t directly service Festool products, you can bring them to Keim, and we’ll send them to be fixed within days. We want to keep your tools working well to give it the longest life possible.  

Festool’s All-Inclusive Warranty  

You can concentrate on your craftsmanship because you won’t need to worry about your investment with Festool. Each one comes with a 3-Year Warranty, including free service and repairs. Register your new Festool here. This brand also guarantees 10-year spare parts availability. If you get home with your new tool and it doesn’t meet your needs, exchange or return it within 30 days. The most important thing is that you’re satisfied and feel equipped for whatever project you decide to take on next.  

Keeping Workspaces Clean

One of the advantages of Festool’s streamlined engineering is the versatile line of Festool HEPA dust extractors. Designed to attach to every Festool product, they collect wood chips and sawdust at the source. It saves you clean-up time and harmful inhalation of carcinogenic dust particles and keeps your tools cleaner for longer.  

Festool has been producing top-quality dust extractors for a long time and it shows. With consistent performance and a top-of-the-line warranty, you know your dust extractor will be working hard for a long time. Here is more information comparing a number of the industry’s top dust extractors. It’s no surprise that Festool is at the top of the pack. 

Keeping Organized 

For a functional, clean, and secure organization system for your tools, Festool has also designed modular, tailor-made containment systems. The pullout aides, front-carrying handles, and variety of organizational sections will keep your tools tidy, safe, and clean. Protecting your investment with efficiency is a practical way to make the most of your Festools at your worksite, in your tool room, or at your workshop. 

Learn More  

Did you know that Festool offers extensive online resources? In addition to their online owner's manuals, they have eBooks, live Festool System Fridays on YouTube, videos, newsletters, and tutorials.  

Build a Family Tradition 

Our favorite way to make the most of your Festool investment is by spending quality time with your children and grandchildren, sharing your passion and expertise for craftsmanship. There is nothing in the world like teaching our young ones ingenuity, confidence, and self-reliance through craftsmanship and tool-working. We offer quarterly workshops for children (ages 5-8) and caregivers to build simple projects guided by a seasoned woodworker and Keim employee. Visit our event calendar to learn more about upcoming events. 

Building a Project, Building a Community 

At Keim, we are committed to providing only quality products. Visit our online Project Center for more helpful ideas to make your project go smoother and faster, with the professional results you’re looking for. We also invite you to stop by our store and discuss your building needs with our friendly sales staff. No matter what your goals are, the trusted staff at Keim are here to help make your project a success.