Why Choose Keim?

In the building industry today, contractors can buy your building materials anywhere. Whether you’re searching for materials or tools, we know that Keim isn’t your only option. But we also believe that there’s something special about Keim. Something that can add value to the homes you build and the service you provide.

At Keim, we have a large selection of quality products. We try to be humble, but we’re proud of the fact that we have more than 64,000 products! That’s literally everything that you need to build a house. In. One. Store. It saves you time (and gas money) from driving from place to place. Plus, you can stop into our café to fuel up on coffee before your day starts. And if you don’t have time to stop by our store and you know what you need, just give us a call. We have free delivery within 150 miles and next day delivery if you’re within our local limits (All of Holmes County, Wayne County north to US 30, Coshocton County south to US 36, Tuscarawas County east to I 77). If your clients have an idea, we can help you make that happen. Our highly trained staff will sit down with you and your client and give you top-notch service. We’ll take their ideas, make blueprints, and then create a list of every individual item that you’ll need for your project. That takes any guesswork (and forgetfulness) out of the picture. And when your tools break, we’re here for you, too. (Listen, we’ve all had those days.) Just bring them to our shop in Charm, and we’ll repair them for you. No questions asked.