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Woodworking Trends for 2020


Trends might be for the birds (or some say), but even hobby woodworkers need to know what’s going to sell. After all, how many wooden pens can you use? (Always one more!) At Keim, we provide a large selection of exotic and domestic woods, and all the hardware and supplies that you need to make your woodworking project into reality. We also like to provide you with trends, to make you successful in both making and selling your project. 

Cutting boards. This is a practical and simple way to get into woodworking as a hobby. But even experienced woodworkers can have fun with it. Make it as simple or as detailed as you wish. As long as you’re ok with sticking a knife in it! 

Live edge tables... or anything really. Natural-looking edges aren’t only for massive tables or kitchen islands (though, let’s be real, we love that live edge look anywhere). You can also add a live edge touch to a small, easy-to-make end table or even wooden coasters. 

Intarsia. If you really want to up your game, try to make this type of wooden mosaic. But don’t limit yourself to wall art. You can incorporate intarsia into Christmas ornaments and earrings, too. 

Woodturning. This is a pretty big category, but wood is in, so whatever practical products you can make with a lathe will be a hit. Wooden bottle stoppers, pens, bowls, or rolling pins are some of our favorites.

Instruments. Why would you buy a guitar, ukulele, violin or mandolin when you can make your own? Whether you’re an experienced luthier, or novice woodworker, stop by our shop in Charm, and we’ll be happy to show you our selection of wood you’ll need to make your dream a reality. 

Whatever project that you’re working on, we’d love to see the finished product! We’re on Facebook and Instagram. Tag us in the pictures of your projects, and we’ll be sure to share them with others.