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Beko Home Appliances

Beko Kitchen Inspiration

Your Trusted Source for Beko

At Keim, you'll find a nice selection of Beko kitchen appliances on the showroom floor. We also have access to a variety of special order items.


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Beko Freezer


Maximize Food Storage with a 28" Upright Freezer.
Purchase select freezers to receive up to a $100 rebate.

Beko Dishwasher Product Lineup


Customize your Beko Kitchen and Earn Rebates.
Purchase select dishwashers to receive up to a $200 rebate.

Beko Kitchen


Customize your Beko Kitchen Collection and Earn Rebates!
Purchase one of each category and receive up to a $500 rebate. Refrigeration, cooking, and dishwashing.

Why Beko

Beko's story began in 1955 and has since grown into Europe’s favorite freestanding home appliance brand. With a growing presence in the US, Beko is one of the top appliance brands available at Keim Home Center. Their focus is on producing innovative products that support our well-being, whether it’s keeping the food fresh for a longer time or putting beautiful design & quality within reach.

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