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At Keim, you'll find a nice selection of Beko kitchen appliances on the showroom floor. We also have access to a variety of special order items.


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Keep produce fresh up to 30 days and preserve vitamins.

Beko's newest refrigeration technology, HarvestFresh, preserves vitamins in fruit and vegetables for longer.

HarvestFresh 3-color technology simulates the natural light of the daily sun cycle as it rises, reaches peak, and sets into nighttime. This preserves vitamins in fruits and vegetables for longer.

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Keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for up to 30 days, and preserve their vitamins.

Fruits and vegetables begin losing vitamins the second after they're picked. Many continue to lose vitamins even after they've been placed in the refrigerator. HarvestFresh uses 3 color technology to help preserve these vitamins and nutrients in fruit and vegetables for longer *.

And, thanks to meticulous temperature management and precise humidity control, Beko refrigerators keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for up to 30 days.

Why Beko

Beko's story began in 1955 and has since grown into Europe’s favorite freestanding home appliance brand. With a growing presence in the US, Beko is one of the top appliance brands available at Keim Home Center. Their focus is on producing innovative products that support our well-being, whether it’s keeping the food fresh for a longer time or putting beautiful design & quality within reach.

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