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Specialty Wood - Musical Instrument Wood

Musical Instrument Wood 

Excellent musical instruments begin with exceptional wood. At Keim, we offer a variety of drop tops, neck blanks, and fret boards, as well as guitar body blanks for acoustic, bass, and electric guitars. Our solid-body bass blanks work great for telecaster or stratocaster guitars. At Keim, we select our products with care to help you make a custom guitar that plays like no other.


Browse our species below, or ask our knowledgeable and caring staff, because at Keim, we care for your project like we care for our own.

Musical Instrument Wood - Solid Body Blank

Solid Body Blank

Musical Instrument Wood - Drop Top

Drop Top 

Musical Instrument Wood - Back & Side Set

Back & Side Set

Musical Instrument Wood - Neck & Fret Blanks

Neck & Fret Blanks

Musical Instrument Wood - Acoustic Tops

Acoustic Tops