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Planning Your Visit

Keim Parking Lot

A One-Of-A-Kind

You'll find the Keim Home Center resting against a hillside in quaint Charm, OH. Bikes, Buggies, Golf Carts, Forklifts, Tractors, Trucks and Cars frequent the bustling parking lot, a visual representation of the broad customers Keim serves. This includes the local Amish community, who make up the bulk of employees and local customers.

You'll also see license plates from across the continental United States. Our loyal shoppers drive by multiple big box stores to purchase quality items from Keim. Professional woodshops, contractors source quality, custom wood and building supplies through Keim's Yard and Mill. 

No matter your dreams and goals, we trust you can find something that inspires you at Keim.

Keim Interior

Experience Keim.
Experience Hospitality.

Whether you are visiting Ohio’s Amish Country for a day or are taking the first of many steps to build a home, we want your Keim Experience to be the very best. 

Ohio’s Amish County is full of cozy cabins, bed and breakfasts, and quality hotels. Whatever size or space you’re looking for, you’ll be sure to find it!  

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Family meals have always been an important part of this community. Pull up and chair and explore the variety of tastes that Holmes County has to offer.  

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You will find us in the heart of Charm, Ohio, close to nearby Millersburg, Berlin, and Sugarcreek. It is generally a 1.5 hr drive from either Pittsburgh, Columbus, or Cleveland.

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Our Home Center is on top of a hill, but it’s not always easy to see from the road. Please follow the signs and drive carefully: Our customers and co-workers walk, bike, and drive cars and delivery trucks.  

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While you're here

Our Home Center has a lot to explore

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Here at Keim, our spacious 125,000 square foot showroom could keep you entertained for hours. We hope you'll take the time to explore, but here are a few points of interest to get you started!

  • 500-year-old Bubinga slab from Cameroon, Africa in our Woodshed. Read the labels to learn about events that occurred during the life of the tree!
  • Check out the interactive shower displays.
  • View the lighting installation near the front lobby.
  • Take a walk through our kitchen displays.
  • Visit the stair display and browse custom millwork.
  • Take a trip upstairs to see the custom hardwood flooring display.
  • View our decking area.

Keim has dining available on-site at the Carpenter's Café, try the Framer Burger or Charm Chiller.

*Can’t fit it in your travel bag? We offer free delivery up to 150 miles. Whether is a bird feeder or deck, we’ll drop it off at your door.  

Keim Exterior Sunset

Stay A While Longer

There are so many great destinations and activities in the area. Many visitors will stay for several days at a time.