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What You Need To Know About Mushroom Lumber

Mushroom Lumber is great to use when you are looking for lumber with a lot of character, grain, and knots. When we buy these boards, they are moldy and covered with hay and compost. After they are power washed, the true beauty shows through. Some boards are pitted with large, round knots, and weathered edges, other boards less so. What you find with Mushroom Lumber is always a diamond in the rough.  

Where do we source our Mushroom Lumber? 
At Keim, we source our Mushroom wood from the mountains of Tennessee, not far from the borders of Virginia and North Carolina.

How do you care for Mushroom Lumber? 
To darken the wood and bring out the grain more, try using a stain material used specifically for paneling. We recommend using a water-repellent stain on all outdoor projects. 

What can you use Mushroom Lumber for? 
•    Flooring 
•    Siding 
•    Paneling
•    Taxidermy 
•    Post and Beam Ceilings 
•    Shelving 
•    Furniture 

If you’re searching for the perfect, rustic-looking lumber, then visit our Woodshed! Our sales staff are happy to help you hand-select your own piece of Mushroom wood.