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5 Tools That Will Transform The Way You Work


New year, new home improvement tools: 

1. Makita vacuum – XLC02RB1W Makita 18V Vac Kit

  • What we like about this: With this handheld vacuum you won’t have to fight the cords, because the battery last. You’ve got options for the nozzle head (both wide, like a mini-traditional vacuum and narrow to get between the couch cushions). And you can buy a reusable silicone filter, so you can save on bags.  But the best part? You won't ever have to lug it upstairs again, because at 2.9 pounds it weighs as much as a kitten. 
  • The downside: Once you’ve got this vacuum, you really don’t have an excuse not to clean up the dust bunnies under the couch.

2. DeWalt 60v Trimmer Flexvolt DCST970X1 Dewalt 60V Trimmer Flexvolt

  • What we like about this: No more gas fumes and no more chords! This electric version has different settings that you won’t find on a gas trimmer. Plus, it’s light and easy to take with you. “When I had a bulging disk in my shoulder, I couldn’t do it when a gas trimmer, so I bought this,” said Naomi Miller, of Keim’s tool department. “I wouldn’t go back!”
  • The downside: Although the battery charges fast, it only lasts for 45 minutes. 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​3. Milwaukee M-18 2-piece combo fuel hammer drill – 2999-22

  • What we like about this: This light, quiet drill comes with plenty of power. The impact “mini” drill is perfect for tight corners. The best part? Because of the way it’s engineered, you’ll never strip a screw with this drill.  
  • The downside: At Keim, we believe in continual improvement. But this drill? It’s hard to beat. 

​​​​​​​4. Makita String trimmer with power head XUX01M5PT.... and it’s six attachments. 

  • What we like about this: If there’s one tool that can do it all, it’s the Makita string power tool ...along with its six attachments. You heard right: one base. Six attachments. The base comes with a trimmer head, plus two batteries and two port chargers. But if you want the other attachments, here are the options: 
    •  Trimmer ER400MP (two different options)
    •  Hedge trimmer EN401MP (straight and foldable options) 
    •  Edger for the gardens EE400MP
    •  Tiller KR401MP
    •  Pull saw EY401MP
    •  Extension. LE400MP (For those high branches and hard to reach places.)
  • The downside: You might spend more money than you planned, but you’ll get a lot of work done, and save space in your tool shed! 

5. Milwaukee Packout roll box 48-22-8426

  • What we like about this: This tool organizer is a modular storage system that can fit all your storage needs. From power tools to nuts and bolts, there’s a compartment for everything. What we really like about it is that it’s customizable. You choose the system’s All PACKOUT compartments and they all lock into place, so it doesn’t fall. Plus, the base has two wheels, so you won’t pull your back out the next time you move your tools. You can thank us later. 
  • The downside: We have a hunch you might really like this. (We know your wife will!) But with the infinite stacking capabilities, just make sure that you can still roll through a door on the mobile cart!

At Keim, we offer quality products. And we stand by that quality. If your tools are giving you trouble, just bring them to our shop in Charm, and we’ll repair them for you. No questions asked.