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A Beginner's Guide to Disc Golf


Summer is the perfect time to try new yard games. When the smell of fresh cut grass or summer BBQ drift through the air, you know that it’s time to bring out the yard games.

At Keim, you can be sure to find everything from volleyball to cornhole, from spike ball to disc golf, and everything in between.

While some have played disc golf for years, it’s still a fairly new concept. But its popularity is steadily increasing around the world.

But first…

What is disc golf? It’s a low-impact sport for people of all ages. For starters, it’s a combination of golf and frisbee. (But to pros, it’s so much more!)

Who can play disc golf? You can play disc golf on your own or with small groups of 3-4 people. Play with your niece. Play with your grandpa. It’s truly a sport for the whole family! It’s an ideal way to get some exercise with your family during these times of social distancing.

Where do you play? Courses are typically located in beautiful public parks. (If you’re local, check out disc golf course in Deer Run Park in Millersburg, Ohio.)

How do you play? The goal is to get your frisbee (called a disc) into the target basket. The fewer throws, the better.

Each hole consists of three things: a tee area (where you start off), a fairway (the trees and other obstacles you have to throw around), and a target basket.

Make your first throw from the tee area. After each throw, find your disc and make your next throw with one foot directly behind it.  Repeat this process until you successfully get your disc into the basket.  Hanging in the chains is OK, but sitting on top, unfortunately, does not count.  Record the number of throws it took for that hole and then go to the next one.  At the end of the round add up your total throws for your final score.

Each hole has a target number of throws called par.  This helps you measure how well you are doing.  Are you able to score at par for the course?  Many courses have multiple tee locations designed for different skill levels.  Here at Deer Run there are nine holes, with two sets of tees for each hole.  As a beginner you will find the red tees to be quite challenging and the longer white tees will seem intimidating.  As an intermediate player I really enjoy playing both the red and white tees together for a total of 18 holes.  This gives a lot of variety of short/long and easy/hard shots.

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