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5 Tips for an Organized Life


Try as we might to lead a simple life, there comes a time when life just gets busy. Babies are born and seats are added around the dinner table. The dishes pile high and you know that the laundry will never do itself. But there’s no time like the present to get organized. We hope these organizing tips are as helpful as they have been for us!

  1. Everything has a home. That spare sock? The scissors? The ugly, but sentimental candle from your Aunt Karen? (Love you, Karen!) It all needs a home on a shelf, a bin, or a basket. If it doesn’t have a home (like that candle), then maybe it’s time to find another home at that garage sale.
  2. The 10-minute sweep. You might be exhausted at the end of the day, but set a timer and make it a game. How much can your family clean up in 10 minutes? You might be surprised at how a little (concentrated) effort goes a long way.
  3. Put it on a shelf. Open shelving units are on-trend, but depending on your life stage that just isn’t practical. At Keim, we carry Organized Living shelving units. Drill the top Freedom Rail on the wall, and the entire organization system can be hung (and rearranged) to meet your needs. Visit their website to design your own closet, come to Keim, and we’ll help make that reality.
  4. Put it in a storage bin or basket. Any mom with a toddler knows that shelves aren’t the answer to everything. Sometimes you just need a place to dump it. (And yes, that counts for being organized!)  In this case, try a bin or a basket. The end goal is to contain the mess, so if it’s in the bin, we count that as a win!
  5. Let it go. Recycle it. Repurpose it. Give it away. Toss it. There are lots of options for what to do with old items, but sometimes the best option isn’t keeping it. Use the $20 rule. If you can buy it again for less than $20 and don’t already have a plan to use it in the future, let it go. Your life will be lighter for it.

Come visit our Home Center in Charm, Ohio. Our Hardware and Houseware department will be happy to set you up with everything you need to organize your home.  You can also browse our online catalog and place a phone order by calling 330-893-5030. If you are local, we’ll deliver it to your home the next day.

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Woven Tank Topper Driftwood, SKU: 26868


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Collapsible Cube 11” Leather, SKU: 22554