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Bathroom Trends for 2020


After a hard day’s work, there’s nothing quite like a long hot shower or a relaxing bath. We know how much you give to those around you, but self-care is important, too. Whether you’re looking to paint your vanity or finish a DIY remodel, we can help make your bathroom the ultimate retreat! 

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But until then, catch up on the latest bathroom trends. We’ve made that easy for you, with this list: 

  1. Dark hardware and faucets. The terms that you need to ask for are, “Oil rubbed bronze” or “matte black.” Although not as dark, copper faucets are a trend worth considering.  
  2. Marble countertops. Nothing is sleeker, more modern, and timeless than marble.  
  3. Concrete countertops. Traditional concrete will give you an authentic industrial look, but concrete comes in all colors, and finishes. You might just be surprised at this cost effect DIY project. 
  4. Jewel-toned color. Whether you aim to paint your walls or bathroom vanity, dark, jewel-tones are back! Contrast it with crisp white curtains and you’ll end up with a color combo that won’t disappoint. If like many, you’re in love with the classic look of a clean, white bathroom, then you’re in luck: that style train isn’t leaving the station anytime soon. 
  5. Natural light. Nothing says “clean” like a ray of sunshine. Whether its frosted windows or a skylight, adding a little bit of sunshine is a must—especially if you’re opting for dark, jewel-toned walls. 
  6. Texture. If there’s a little something missing in a room, it’s probably missing texture. When picking out a tile backsplash or flooring, choose a tile and grout of the same color, so that your eye catches the texture. If you want a more dramatic impact, then a contrasting color will give you that impact.
  7. Plants. It adds life, texture, and color to a space. Well-lit bathrooms are a perfect place, because of its extra humidity. 

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