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Cutting Boards That Inspire


A cutting board project is both artistic and attainable. They can be as simple, or as complex as you make them.

Last week on social media, we asked our customers to send pictures of their recent cutting board projects. We were overwhelmed with responses. Although we would have liked to post all of them, our team chose their top favorites and posted them, below. We may share more in the future, so be sure to check back. 

Take a look, be inspired, and stop by our Woodshed to get what you need for your next project! 

Main Photo by Appalachian Craftsman, featuring walnut and maple. 

Lee Dewalt
Lee Dewalt, made of maple, cherry, and walnut.  


Tracy Hahn
Tracey Hahn, crafted with walnut, maple, and cherry.


Dave Duncan
Dave Duncan, made from curly walnut and epoxy. 


Gary Craft Jr
Gary Craft Jr. 


Rae Ann Custom Woodworking
Rae Ann Custom Woodworking


Lynn Dugger
Lynn Dugger, crafted with end-grain heart pine board. 


Steve Workman
Steve Workman


Cody Riggenbach
Cody Riggenbach


Warner Woodcraft
Warner Woodcraft, curly maple. 

Thanks to all of the woodworkers who have inspired us with their work!