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Keim Is Growing. Join Our Team.


Keim is hiring and there is room to grow with the company. 

Last spring held so much uncertainty for businesses and communities alike. The effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic have been challenging, but the Lumber and Building Material industry kept pressing forward. 

Families have spent more money on home improvement projects than previous years, according to research from Farnsworth Group, which specializes in the LBM Industry. This increase gave a significant boost to Keim and the local economy. 
“We feel blessed to have a community that supports local businesses,” said Jim Smucker, President of Keim. 

As families continue to invest in their homes, Keim continues to hire. The company has added nearly 50 new positions to the team in the last year. 

Current positions include: Logistics Team

  • Mill
    • Rough Lumber Worker
    • Molder/Sander 
  • Logistics
    • Yard Forklift Operator
    • Molding Warehouse Order Picker
  • Sales
    • Millwork Specialty Sales 
    • Exterior Door and Window Service Tech 
    • Exterior Door and Window Sales
    • Building Material Take Off Specialist 
    • Commercial Contractor Sales 
    • Phone Sales 

A list of job descriptions and benefits can be found at or call 330-893-2251. 

As a 15-year-old, Ray Yoder didn’t know what he wanted to do. But he began at Keim, because his brothers worked there and he saw them advance in their roles. As a teen, he had other opportunities and thought about working elsewhere, but Keim was growing and had stability. His dad’s advice was to think long-term. That was eighteen years ago and he’s never regretted it.  

"What I appreciate about Keim is the positive work environment, teamwork, and exceptional benefits,” said Ray Yoder, Director of Rough Lumber Operations.

"It's important to consider your benefit package in your yearly income," said Robert Barkman, Molding Picker at Keim for three years. "The benefits we get –the insurance, profit-sharing, vacation— Keim treats you well.” 

Keim’s benefit package includes: 

  • Highly-funded health insurance 
  • Employee pricing on over 60,000 items 
  • Flexible schedule 
  • Profit-sharing
  • Two weeks paid vacation in the first year

The most important thing is to find a job that you enjoy, says Kevin Miller. “If you don't enjoy your job, you will never be happy or satisfied," said Miller, who has been driving truck for Keim for 22 years. "I come to Keim every day looking forward to coming to work." 

“We’ve had very low turnover the past few years. We work very hard to make Keim a place that still has that small team feel, where our co-workers find fun and meaning in their work” said Julie Hershberger, Director of Human Resources. 

Paint DepartmentJustina Scott works at Keim because she feels valued. “From customers to managers, to the president and owners, they appreciate what you do, and you can feel it,” said Justina Scott, who has worked at Keim for seven years. Her husband, Travis, has worked at Keim for eight years and is now Flooring Sales Manager.   

At her previous job, Justina Scott used to work until 8 p.m., six days a week. So when her husband told her about an opening in the Stain Lab, she applied. 

Since then, Justina Scott has worked in the Paint Department and now is training to move to the Kitchen Department. She’s learning about the products and drawing software to help customers design their dream kitchens.  

“To me, working at Keim is much more than selling a product to a person, it’s about helping them to achieve their dreams,” Marvin Yoder, Kitchen Sales Manager, 30 years at Keim.

Those who wish to take the next step and work for Keim, can apply at or call or call 330-893-2251.