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Elements of the Perfect Outdoor Retreat


Let this summer be the summer that you make your outdoor living goals a reality. Pinterest and Instagram are great if you’re looking for inspiration, but sometimes you just need to make a few easy updates that will make a big difference.  To help, we’ve come up with 5 elements that every outdoor retreat needs.


When you are outdoors after hours, lighting is key. It sets the tone and helps keep the party going after the sun goes down—whether you’re hosting a large group or a party of two. At Keim, we like these Vintage LED Café Lights that can be strung up on beams to create a magical atmosphere. We also have a variety of solar-powered lanterns as well that can help highlight your landscaping and pathways.


vintage light bulbs
Vintage LED Cafe Lights black cord 6 bulbs 12 ft | SKU: 58980 | $49.99











Summer is the perfect time to extend your living area outside. If you already have a porch, patio, deck, or pavilion, we recommend you invest in some great outdoor furniture that will stand the test of time, like this Adirondack glider. (We like the Mahogany/Black version.) If you want something unique and trendy, check out our Palmdale Brown Steel Hanging Chair. It’s sure to be the prized seat at your next gathering.  

adirondack chair
4' Adirondack Glider Antique Mahogany/Black | SKU 58708 | 


If you’re looking for instant atmosphere, outdoor plants are a must. You definitely don’t need to be a master gardener to enjoy a little more greenery in your life. Buy a few plants at your local greenhouse and we’ll fix you up with a self-watering planter so you can easily keep your plants healthy and lush throughout the season.

self-watering planters
13" Self Watering Planter Flat Gray | SKU: 057 | $14.99








Cold Drinks

No matter where the summer takes you, you will need a portable cooler to keep your beverages and snacks cool while you are on the go. We recommend the YETI Hopper Flip 18, a flip top soft cooler that looks sharp anywhere you take it: to the beach or to your backyard. We also stock pretty much every Yeti product you can imagine in our Home Center.

YETI Hopper
YETI Hopper Flip 18 Charcoal | SKU: 14715 | $299.99 








Outdoor Rugs

If you really want to up your game, go one step further to let your living room spill outside. Unroll an indoor/outdoor rug or place some matching outdoor throw pillows on the furniture. These touches are sure to create a cozy atmosphere that keep you returning day after day.

Outdoor Rug
6'x8' Indoor/Outdoor Rug | SKU: 260156 | $19.99 

From deck building to décor, we’re here to help! Browse our selection on our website, and visit Keim, in beautiful Charm, Ohio, and we’re happy to help you create the perfect outdoor retreat for your home.

Looking for the products in this article? Keim can help. Call 330-893-5030 to place an order. If you're local, we'll delivery it the next day, for FREE!

  •  Vintage LED Cafe Lights black cord 6 bulbs 12 ft | SKU: 58980 | $49.99
  • 13" Self Watering Planter Flat Gray | SKU: 057 | $14.99
  • 6'x8' Indoor/Outdoor Rug | SKU: 260156 | $19.99 
  • 4' Adirondack Glider Antique Mahogany/Black | SKU: 58708 | $664.99
  • YETI Hopper Flip 18 Charcoal | SKU: 14715 | $299.99 

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