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How to Coordinate Paint Colors Throughout Your House


Let's talk about paint colors. 

It’s one of those things in a home that if you do it right, you don’t notice the difference, but you feel the difference. If you’re like me, you like wide open floor plans. But how do you pick unique colors for each room that still give a sense of flow to your entire home? 

Here, we’ve gathered some expert tips to help you find that color flow, without losing out on the colors that you love. 

1. Go neutral. 

  • Neutral doesn’t have to mean boring. A neutral color palate can give a cohesive feel as you walk from room to room in your room. It makes it feel fresh and clean. But if you’re worried about it feeling too sterile, try opting for a creamier white, or look for accents with a pop of color.

2. Look at the colors around you. 

  • Take a look around you. What are the colors that you’re naturally drawn to? What colors do you already have in your house? In your closet? These might be good colors to incorporate in your home. 

3. Use similar colors. 

  • Think back to your elementary art school class, when you played with a color wheel. To plan a color scheme for your home, try picking colors that are beside each other on the color wheel. Maybe a blue for the kitchen, a light teal for the dining room, and a green for the living room. You get the idea. 

4. When in doubt, ask an expert! 

  • At Keim, we’re happy to help however we can. The workers in our paint department can help you pick the perfect color. If you’re trying to color match a fabric or another paint color, we have a color matching device that will take the guess work out of it. Just stop by our store in Charm, Ohio. Make sure to grab some coffee upstairs and we’ll set you up right.