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The Ins and Outs of Common Window Styles 


Considered to be the “eyes into the soul of a house,” as coined by designer Rose Tarlow, windows and their signature styles define a home. As a key “design element,” it's essential to consider their significance when choosing your next window. Most likely, your home’s unique architectural style will at least partly dictate your selection.

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Ready to transform your home? Let’s start by walking through common and classic window styles.


Dramatic Picture Windows

You are likely already familiar with classic picture windows. Typically large, they provide clean and clear views and tons of natural light. Showcasing a picture window in a living room or kitchen can create a focal point. Make the most of a beautiful view with a bold picture window.


3D Bay Window

One way to utilize the sun’s abundant natural light is with a bay window. With three vantage points, rather than just one, bay windows extend out from a house. This not only increases the amount of light and possible ventilation but also creates a cozy nook of additional interior space. This triple panel style is attractive, unique and perfect for highlighting your outdoor elements.


Distinctive Bow Windows  

Looking for even more light than bay or picture windows? Consider bow windows. Similar to bay windows, these windows also extend from the house but form a curve rather than an angle by using a higher number of panels, oftentimes four to five. This stunning style will set your home apart and simply light up your room. 


Traditional Double or Single Hung Windows

For simplicity and ease-of-use, many people opt for double-hung windows. Rectangular in shape and frequently with a grid, double-hung windows allow both glass panels to move up or down. Conversely, single-hung windows only allow one panel to open. The benefits of the double-hung style include improved versatility, better ventilation and easy access for cleaning/maintenance.


Contemporary Casement and Awning Windows

These crank-style windows offer great ventilation for tough-to-fit spaces. Casement windows are side-hinged, opening to the left or right, and are designed for spaces with more height than width. Awning windows are top-hinged, opening from the bottom, and ideal in spots where the width is greater than the height.


Simple Sliding Windows 

Featuring a clean design and ease-of-use, sliding windows provide a wide view, great light and ventilation, sliding from side to side to open. With this efficient use of space, you can fit a window just about anywhere!

Gorgeous Garden Windows

For the plant lover, a garden window projects outside a wall, making a tiny “greenhouse” perfect for light-loving flora. This neat feature is beautiful above a sink where a collection of houseplants, home decor or precious items can be safely displayed in your home.


Specialty Windows

With creativity and craftsmanship, specialty windows make a home one-of-a-kind. From elegant skylights to emergency escape windows and everything in between, we would love to help you design and install your next ideal window. If you can dream it, we will help you build it. Visit our Door & Windows Department near the back of the store or call 330.893.2251.
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