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Mt. Hope Hardware Changes Ownership, Remains a Community Cornerstone


Lehman’s, in Kidron Ohio, has announced the sale of Mt. Hope Hardware to Keim in Charm, Ohio. The hardware store, located in the heart of the Mt. Hope community, is changing ownership from one family business to another.

Months ago, the long-time friends and business leaders, Galen Lehman, CEO of Lehman’s, and Jim Smucker, President of Keim met for lunch. In casual conversation, it soon became apparent that as a hardware store, Mt. Hope could be a good fit for Keim. 

“This will allow us to focus on Lehman’s core brand of helping people to lead a more self-sufficient and simple life,” said Glenda Lehman Ervin, Vice President of Marketing at Lehman’s. Although once very similar, Lehman’s and Mt. Hope Hardware evolved in different directions over time.

Keim is one of the region’s largest family-owned lumber, home, and hardware stores, and Mt. Hope Hardware will benefit from Keim's enhanced products and services in the long-term. In the meantime, day-to-day operations will remain the same. Mt. Hope Hardware will remain a leader in gas refrigeration sales and service. There are no plans for a name change, and most importantly, customers will continue to see the same friendly employees.

“The partnership at Keim will be good for our customers at Mt. Hope,” said John Steiner, store manager at Mt. Hope Hardware.  “We appreciate customers’ patience as we transition to this new working relationship over the next number of months.”

“Mt. Hope Hardware has a great reputation and we are excited about this opportunity in Mt. Hope,” said Robbie Keim, an owner of the family business. 

“We want what’s best for the local community and the local economy,” said Jim Smucker, President of Keim. From his perspective, it was a great fit. Both Mt. Hope Hardware and Keim carry many of the same products, have a culture steeped in family values, and serve the local community. 

“Keim is a community business,” said Smucker. “We look forward to working with Mt. Hope Hardware to serve the community and grow together.

Keim is a fourth generation, family-owned business built on trust and dedicated to helping you fulfill your home building and woodworking dreams.