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Top 10 Essential Tools For Every Home Tool Kit 


Every homeowner needs a set of basic yet essential tools at hand. From everyday fixes to major home reconstruction, building a well-stocked, basic tool kit will make handling the inevitable DIY projects easier. Wondering which tools are worth investing in right off the bat? 

At Keim Home Center, well-crafted projects are our business. When you have an essential home toolkit, we’ll set you up with the lumber you need to complete any home building project. We are happy to help starter homeowners learn which tools are needed for almost any project in order to help make your home comfortable from day one.

Screwdrivers Sets: Start out with a complete set of commonly used Phillips and five-slotted screwdrivers, like these. These handy items will assist in tightening cabinets, prepping for painting, installing hardware or light fixtures. Even if you can also afford a power drill set, screwdrivers still come in handy more often than you think. 

Hammer: Hammers are affordable and versatile. There is a reason most tool belts have a place just for them. They are useful in all kinds of situations. When you purchase a quality Vaughan 999 hammer with good weight made to last, you’ll find you won’t want to be without it. That 20-ounce hammer has the heft to do both framing and light work. 

25 Foot Tape Measure: Knowing how much material to get or whether something is going to fit means you can get your project done right the first time. Keeping a DeWalt tape measure on hand is a great way to gather the information needed from prep work right through completion. 

A Set of Pliers: For those hard-to-reach spaces or to increase your grip, having a handy set of pliers will make homeownership easier for everyone. From taking out nails, straightening out cords, stripping wires, rewiring an outlet, running internet cables, or removing old crusty shower heads or faucets, this Crescent 3 piece pliers set provides the extra grip to get the job done. 

Flashlight: Being able to clearly see what you are working on is a big deal, one that helps avoid unfortunate mistakes or mishaps. In the corners of your home, where light never shines, such as behind your water system, furnace, boiler, or sinks, a ready-to-go, this DeWalt 12V rechargeable flashlight is your best friend. Keep your flashlight in an easy-to-find spot for when you need to get to the breaker box or the power goes out.

Handsaws: Having a band saw, as well as a Stanley handsaw, for trimming wood makes so many home projects possible. Especially when working with young craftsmen, starting with a hand saw for fun projects, like building a birdhouse, will help with safety concerns while developing their skills. With simple setup and less complication or skills needed for chop saws, table saws or circular saws, this versatile tool will be your go-to even once you are ready to upgrade.

Level: There is nothing more frustrating than working hard on a project only to find in the end it's not level. Investing in a Stanley Level Torpedo ensures that you can hang your wall decor, shelves, or cabinets with certainty. 

Allen Wrench Set: Many DIY furniture, such as bookcases or cribs, require a set of Eklind Standard Allen wrenches for construction. Used primarily for driving hardware into a hexagonal socket, they come in a range of sizes. These small but essential tools are easy to use and will last a lifetime. 

Adjustable Wrench Set: No one wants a leaky faucet or a dangerous swing set. Having the leverage to correctly tighten bolts or plumbing fixtures or remove old rusty nuts will save you hassle in the long run. A basic set of Milw adjustable wrenches includes shorter and longer handles so you can tackle tight spaces and tough joints. 

DeWalt Tool Box or Bag: Last but not least, you need a safe space to store these valuable items. Leaving your tools out exposes them to moisture and dust and makes it hard to find them when you need them. Training yourself to care for your tools each time you use them will set you up for long-term success. 

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If you have an exciting upcoming event, such as a wedding day or shower, consider a Gift Registry at Keim Home Center. Nothing could be more practical or useful than a complete home tool kit. With thousands of high-quality products that Keim staff know and love, you can build your life-long adventure with all the tools needed for making your home your own. 

At Keim Home Center, we strive to help every builder create projects that enhance their home and make it unique. For homeowners who are just starting out, the wide world of tools can easily be overwhelming. Consult with the friendly staff in our tool departement about your home goals and we’ll happily help guide you to success. 

Located on 50 acres in the rolling hills of Holmes County, Keim is the destination and trusted source for your home, building, and woodworking needs. Founded in 1911, our fourth-generation family business is dedicated to caring for your project like we care for our own.