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Plant the Easy Way: Potting Bench Plans for the Gardener in Your Life


My dad is a creative guy, a do-it-yourself kind of guy in every way. In this month’s blog, I’d like to share with you a project that he made for my mom. I think you’ll find it just as creative as she did! My mom loves plants and gardening, so he designed and built a custom potting bench for her. The bench keeps things both organized and available for whenever my mom wants to play in the dirt. 

CAD Design Potting Bench He used wood from a tree he cut down at the home where I grew up. He’s resourceful like that, making use of what he has available and not wasting things. My dad repurposed a tray from a food warmer, so my mom would have a place to work with the dirt, and he lined the rest of the top with stainless steel for a durable surface. The bench has a drawer for her gardening tools and a shelf near the bottom where she can store her flower pots.

Using old hand tools to do woodworking fascinates my dad. So, he chose hand-cut mortise and tenon joints for the construction of the potting bench and used a few sharp chisels, handsaws, and a wooden mallet. He learned how to build using this type of joint by watching other woodworkers and reading books. The process takes more time than with machines, but he finds it more rewarding when the job is done. 

Again, this year as my mom’s green thumb calls her to her hobby, she uses the potting bench to plant. Her tools and supplies await her at the bench—gloves, potting soil, a spade, pots, a watering can, her gardening shoes, and a dustpan and brush for cleanup. She works with the dirt in the tray insert and keeps her potting soil in a trashcan beside the bench. The potting bench is in her basement near a water source and a door to their backyard where the fenced-in raised beds are that he also built for her.

It's a beautiful example of how they bless each other with their hobbies: she gets to enjoy the plants and gardening, and he gets to enjoy the fresh food that she grows. 

If this project is one that sparks your interest, take a look at his project plans, and visit us at Keim. We will help you find the tools, materials, and gardening supplies to make your project a reality. 

From my home to yours,

Karen Keim