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A Woodworker's Christmas Wish List


At Keim, woodworkers can shop online at for 130 species of specialty wood. That’s why we’ve created a Christmas wish list of items for the woodworker. We have a hunch you might add some of these items to your own Christmas wish list. After all, the “I don’t need anything” phrase doesn’t hold much water for a woodworker. 

1.    For the luthier, our Solid Body Blanks start at $25.99. We carry a variety of wood species, including Basswood and African Mahogany. Be sure to take a look at our Neck and Fret Blanks in Birdseye Maple or Black Ebony. 

2.    Walnut Black Natural Edge Slabs are perfect for the live-edge enthusiast. Even when you buy wood slabs online, you can handpick a one-of-a-kind slab for your next table, shelf, or bench. Wood slabs start at $125. 

3.    Our selection of Exotic Turning Blanks includes everything from African Blackwood to Zebrawood and everything in between! Whether it’s for pen turning or a work of art Keim has what you need. Prices start at $4.68

4.    Baseball Bat Blanks are a great gift for the young baseball player and woodworker alike. When you make the baseball bat together, you’ll give much more than a baseball bat. You’ll give memories. 

5.    Table Bases make for a one-of-a-kind dining or coffee table. Prices start at $175. 

We hope you'll shop local and choose Keim this holiday season. Merry Christmas!