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Home Trends for 2021


Who could have predicted the importance of a home last January? For so many, the home became both a haven, a get-away, and a workspace! As we enter the New Year, here are some trends we anticipate.

Minimalist design that harkens back to its roots in Japanese and Scandinavian style. Simple, straight lines. In this style, less is always more. If you like this style, try to incorporate the following elements, and you’ll be right on point: 

  • Earth-toned color pallets. You don’t have to opt for a stark white. While light creams and neutrals will give a warm, cozy feeling to your home, deep, muted hues are also having a moment. Need some inspiration? Our Paint Department is happy to help. 
  • Natural texture and elements. Bring on all the house plants (real or faux, we won’t tell!), chunky blankets, jute rugs, and any live-edge wood that you can incorporate: whether a coffee table, bench, or shelf.  

multi-purpose space

Flexible home office design. As some continue to work from home or lean into the flexible work-life balance, you might ask yourself how you can make your home office work for multiple occasions. A desk that turns into a wall-bed for your (rare) out-of-town guests.  A desk that folds into the wall of your toddler’s playroom. A minimalist desk that fits into your guestroom closet. Bonus if it hides your stack of papers, and your old wedding dress!) The main point: it’s time to upgrade from working at your dining room table. 

Need some inspiration? Karen Keim, a designer and owner of Keim Home Center, has thoughtfully put together some ideas for your own multi-purpose home office, living room, or play room. 

Outdoor entertainment space. While it might take time for life to return to it’s pre-pandemic normal, we can still embrace hospitality however we safely can. Think about how you can extend your living room outdoors. An outdoor sofa, a rug, plants, and flowers galore. And if you’re wondering if it’s too cold to be outside, then just turn on a heater and put on a sweater. As they say, there’s no bad weather, just bad clothing. 

As we enter the New Year, may your home continue to be a haven, but also a warm welcome to your family, friends, and neighbors that you haven’t seen face-to-face for quite some time. 

Products on design board are as shown: 

  • Shiplap SKU#00747
    • #2 Ponderosa Pine
    • (Stocked Unfinished) 1 x 6x 16'
    • Stain S-41412 Gray Loft & 2 Coat Clear (shown)
  • Valspar Paint Swatches
    • V130-4 State of Mind
    • V080-1 Gentle Kiss
    • V098-5 Privet
    • V051-2 Cream of Cauliflower
    • V080-5 Cranberry Foule
    • V121-3 Portland Twilight
  • Ultra-Durable Rugs: Awesome Everywhere
    • Colors:  Slate (shown), Black, Black Mist, Midnight Moon, Driftwood, Black Forest, Juniper, Rainforest
    • Sizes:  20x30 rectangle, 27x45 retangle, 4’x6’ rectangle

Keim is a fourth-generation, family-owned business built on trust and dedicated to helping you fulfill your home building and woodworking dreams.