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Woodworking Trends 2021


As we enter the New Year with fresh eyes and fresh hope, let’s take a look at some trends that we’ll see. 

Natural, light wood tones. Light wood is in! Bring on the Maple, White and Red Oak, Birch that lends itself well to both Scandinavian and and Modern styles. Since natural is in, let the original beauty shine through with a clear coat finish or oil.

Modern styles. Since natural is in, let the original beauty shine through with a clear coat finish or oil.  
Perfectly imperfect. Live-edge, nail holes, contrasting wood grain, Spalted Maple’s web-like appearance, it all makes for an interesting piece of art. 

Color, in moderation! Everyone needs a little accent color to offset a room with white walls and light floors. Here are a few ways that you can incorporate color into your project. But remember, a little color in a room goes a long way. 

  • Oxidized copper-painted wood. This technique is on-trend, and it also hails back to the natural elements that are popular this year. 
  • Wood dyes. This gives an extra pop of color but still show the wood grain and figure. And unlike paint, which covers the wood, dyes and stain soak in, so that the wood doesn't chip. “Wood is all brown and round,” said Tom Olechiw, a Keim customer who has been turning wood for 48 years. “Why not do something different?” 
  • Blackwood. Every room needs at least one black item in it, and this natural black wood doesn’t require any special treatment. Or, if you want to get a similar look, try using the Japanese method called Shou Sugi Ban. This fire-charred method gives a matte black appearance that fits modern aesthetics.  

Minimalist design is in, as you can read in our Home Trends article. This was definitely apparent at this fall’s Ohio Hardwood Furniture Market, and we think that the trend will continue to grow in the next year. Think strong, simple lines, and you can’t go wrong.  

Whatever you plan to make this year, be sure to stop by Keim’s woodshed and choose from our 130 exotic and domestic wood species. And when you’ve sanded and finished the last piece, make sure you share tag us in a picture on Instagram and Facebook! 

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